Tennis has a long history and over the years, players have used three main categories of court surfaces. There are clay courts, concrete courts and grass courts. As far as grass courts go, artificial turf tennis courts are becoming more popular compared to natural turf grass tennis courts, for both indoor and outdoor play.

Among the benefits driving this popularity include the fact that artificial grass tennis courts can be used in all seasons, all year long, because even in wet weather, the grass, on account of its superior drainage properties, ensures that play can comfortably go on without players slipping. Additionally, there are different varieties of artificial grass which are very soft and therefore offer better cushioning in case of a fall compared to natural grass and the hard courts.

Despite vigorous use and exposure to all kinds of weather extremes, artificial grass tennis courts are durable and will remain in great condition for a long time. The lines and markings on the field don’t
easily fade and it will be a very long time before the entire surface shows any signs of wear or tear. Suffice to say, synthetic turf tennis courts are very low maintenance. Even more important is the influence that the synthetic grass has on play. Artificial grass tennis courts Perth have a uniform and consistent surface, the result of which is a fast court with a lower bounce and
easy skid. All these helps to ensure better ball control and that the ball stays in pay for longer, improving the overall performance and quality of a player’s game.

Synthetic Turf For Tennis Courts

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