Benefits of Backyard Putting Green

Whether you are a pro golfer who’s been playing for years or just getting started with the sport, you can greatly benefit from investing in a putting green in your backyard. You’ll have somewhere to conveniently practice and perfect your game and save the time and money you’d spend driving to the golf course. A backyard putting green is a unique landscape feature that will instantly increase your home’s value, driving up your property’s asking price when it’s time to sell.

Choosing the Right Artificial Grass

Perth Artificial Grass’ rich portfolio includes backyard golf turf installation projects. Choosing the right artificial grass is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind the aesthetics, durability, and playability of our golf turf installation. Consider these critical factors when choosing synthetic turf for your backyard putting green:

Yarn Type

You can choose from straight or texturised synthetic yarn. As the name suggests, the fibres on straight yarns are straight and bent on texturised yarn.

Texturised yarn is the better option for putting greens. It more closely mimics the grass on the real grass greens. You can, of course, use the straight yarn on the areas surrounding the putting greens. The straight grass can be especially beneficial in preventing the ball from rolling away off the golf greens.

Pile Direction

For the best outcome, go for synthetic grass with minimal pile direction. Why? Minimal pile direction guarantees a realistic ball roll speed.

On the other hand, if the fibres lean in either direction too much, you’ll have problems with the ball roll speed. If you are putting in the direction the grass is leaning, the ball will roll much faster. It will roll slower when you are putting in the opposite direction.

Pile Density

More is definitely better with pile density when it comes to putting greens. The denser the pile, the more durable the synthetic grass, ensuring it can sustain hours of practice. Sparse piles, on the other hand, flatten and wear out more quickly.

Additionally, denser piles do a better job of stimulating a realistic ball speed. You can enjoy hours of play on your putting greens, and it will be just as good as what you’d expect when playing out on the golf course.

Strong Backing

The backing is what holds your artificial grass putting green together. If it is not strong enough, the yarn will detach from the backing, and you will lose much of it. With this yarn loss, you can expect your turf’s durability, aesthetics, and quality of play to be greatly affected.

Check Out Samples

See to believe before purchasing synthetic grass for your backyard putting green. Ask for samples and compare the different available synthetic grass options. You can schedule a visit to Perth Artificial Grass’ showroom to see the company’s extensive artificial grass product range.

By closely checking the samples, you can take note of the pile direction and pile density. See also the manufacturer’s data sheet for more details on each grass’ characteristics, such as the number of stitches per square meter and how much latex is in the synthetic turf.

Ask the knowledgeable customer support team any questions about choosing a synthetic grass variety for your putting green. The team will be happy to perform a pull test to ascertain the quality of the backing. This involves trying to pull apart the primary and secondary layers of the backing.

Install it Right

It’s not enough to find the right synthetic turf for your backyard putting green. Trust the experts who understand what makes a perfect turf installation to do the job for you. You can look forward to great aesthetics, performance, and durability.