Artificial grass is extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of applications. If you enjoy a game of golf, then you can think of installing artificial grass for your own putting green. You can have a great time working on that stroke in your backyard with your very own synthetic grass putting green.

As with every other application, using artificial grass for your backyard putting green has its inherent benefits. To enjoy these benefit, you will first need to ensure that you get the installation right. Here are a few pointers to help you with that

  • Choose The Right Grass

There are many different artificial grass varieties. A particular grass variety may be more suite for a specific application compare to others.  When looking at synthetic turf for your putting green, consider a variety that is very durable and which drains quickly. 

You may find yourself spending quite a bit of time out back working your putter, and that is why you need a particularly durable grass that will be able to withstand constant use. If damaging the turf with powerful puts is a constant worry for you, then you may find yourself holding back too much. You need a robust and durable synthetic turf that will not damage easily.

On drainage, you want an artificial grass variety that lets you go out even after a down pour and enjoy some action. If it drains well, then anytime can be playtime for you.

Another crucial aspect to consider when choosing the right grass for your putting greens is the length of the blades.  You want the blades on your choice of artificial grass to be short. Long grass blades will affect the speed and fluidity with which the ball rolls along your putting green.

Lastly, you should also consider the texture of the grass.  Artificial grass that is finely textured allows the ball to roll smoothly and without too much resistance, which makes for a great play experience.

With the right choice of artificial grass, you can expect as realistic a play performance as you would experience down at your local golf course.

  • Choose The Right Infill

Sand is undoubtedly the best infill material to consider for your putting green installation. Because of the small size of the sand grains, you will be able to enjoy better ball control and won’t have to worry about your ball veering off in whichever direction. The sand infill is also great for speed control. 

Using the right type and amount of infill material also adds to the resilience of your putting green.  You can play as often as you wish without worrying about damaging the turf. The grass will be stable and will remain upright even with constant use.

  • Get It Done By A Professional

Can you install your own backyard artificial grass putting green? Yes. The real question, however, is, should you go the DIY way with the installation? In this case, the answer is no. You should always engage a professional artificial grass installer for your putting grass project.

Even with the right type of grass and infill, you need a professional installation to bring everything together. A quality installation will determine how good a surface for playing the putting green will be in the end.

A qualified artificial lawn installer will have the skills and the training to ensure a quality installation. You may also want to consider inquiring about any experience the installer may have working on similar projects. You can trust an installer that has done great work for other clients who can offer unbiased testimonials and reviews.

Beyond Installation Services

The importance of choosing a professional company to work with for your putting green installation cannot be understated. Away from just coming in to install the artificial grass, the company personnel can help you in selecting the right type of grass for your project. 

Most grasses will look more or less the same to the untrained eye. The last thing you want to do is spend money on synthetic grass that is not suited for your putting green project.

Bottom line

Artificial grass is great for use in putting greens. A professionally installed artificial grass putting green in your backyard is just perfect for those times you want to relax. As a homeowner looking for a small backyard putting green, you may not have the space to have one that has many holes. However, that shouldn’t rob you of the job of the joy of enjoying a game of golf every time you want to. 

Installation of synthetic grass putting greens is not something new to the team at Perth Artificial Grass. From help with choosing the right type of grass and infill, to the actual installation of the putting green, you can confidently trust the team with your project.