Cricket ranks very high among the most popular sports in Australia. It is quite popular at all levels, right from public and private schools, at the university level, clubs and even internationally, with the national cricket team enjoying an enviable ranking in international cricket.

Why Choose Synthetic Turf For Cricket Pitches

Perth Artificial Grass, a locally-owned and operated company that shares this enthusiasm for the sport, is committed to ensuring that this favorite sport is played on a quality surface, all year round. Its exactly for this reason that we stand out as a supplier and installer of superior quality synthetic grass for cricket pitches. Natural turf cricket pitches quickly wear out with use, especially on the outfields and pickets. We use premier quality synthetic turf that is engineered for durability and last longer, ensuring that the pitch remains in excellent condition for a long time with minimal maintenance. The surface remains consistently even at all times.

As a club or school, you would have to fork out huge sums of money into maintenance of natural grass pitches. Installing synthetic turf pitches means no water bills, no spending on the labor costs and
equipment for mowing, and definitely no chemicals. Synthetic turf pitches have become increasingly popular in Perth and all across the country and even globally on account of how the synthetic surface impact play. Its been proven that, compared to natural turf, playing cricket on synthetic turf has the advantage of better control and consistency when it comes
to the speed and angle of ball bounce. This means that only do players get to play at any time of the year, but they can also look forward to their best game.

With all these and certainly more advantages, synthetic turf pitches are an easy choice over natural grass pitches. That said, you stand to lose out on all these advantages if you fail to have the job done
right. Choosing the right company for your synthetic turf cricket pitch is as crucial a decision as the decision to go synthetic.

Quality Synthetic Turf for Cricket Pitches

At Perth Artificial Grass, we have partnered with manufacturers and suppliers of top-quality synthetic grass for all applications including sporting surfaces such as cricket pitches. We have worked with
different clients at school and club levels, as well as local authorities. Would you like a practice wicket in your backyard or a larger pitch for a local authority? We guarantee quality workmanship for every job and you can rest easy with the assurance that you will be working with an experienced team of experts.

We pride in our standing as a reputable synthetic grass supplier and installer. We will take care of every aspect of your synthetic cricket pitches Perth project. Our team will discuss with you your specific needs and choose the best variety of turf for your project, deliver and install the synthetic grass for your cricket field, however big or small.

Discuss your needs with the synthetic cricket pitches Perth experts and our team will ensure that you get a long-lasting cricket field that you will take pride in for many years.