Soccer players will tell you that the game is all about control, something which the playing surface significantly affects. At Perth Artificial Grass, we are committed to supplying and installing the best
synthetic soccer turf that guarantees this great control, and overall playability.

Why Synthetic Turf vs Natural Turf For Soccer Fields?

We use synthetic grass engineered to imitate and even exceed the playability of the best of natural grass soccer fields. You don’t have to worry about erratic ball bounces and rolls because our synthetic turf offers a consistent playing surface. The turf does not easily wear out even with continued use, meaning that surface consistency will hold for a long time. Players will have no trouble showing off their incredible skills and maneuvers.

You can also say goodbye to match canceling on account of waterlogging during the rainy seasons. Synthetic turf has superior drainage properties compared to natural turf that wind up being mud pits in wet weather. Players can safely resume play soon after even the heaviest of pours. Soccer seasons can now run longer, all year round. Synthetic soccer pitches also come with the benefit or reduced maintenance effort and associated cost.

To grow pristine natural turf just within the pitch boundaries would require a significant input in terms of water and chemicals such as fertilizers and herbicides. Mowing would also cost a neat sum, especially for a large field. With synthetic turf, an occasional brushing, and washing down is all the maintenance that you will ever have to worry about. We have a dedicated team of synthetic soccer turf Perth experts committed to supplying the best quality of synthetic turf and offering exceptional installation service. We have partnered with leading manufacturers of quality synthetic turf for soccer fields and other sporting surfaces. Our quality control team is committed to ensuring that each and every variety of artificial grass is tested and proven to meet the highest standards of quality. Our experience in synthetic soccer turf Perth spans more than two decades, and our proven track record marked with satisfied clients is a guarantee that we are definitely the team to engage for your synthetic turf soccer field project. We re expertly skilled in every phase of the project implementation process, right from the design build to the installation. Our team applies industry accepted and innovative techniques to ensure that the field meets all your requirements, especially as regards safety and performance.

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Our team has worked with schools, clubs, and local authorities and we look forward to having you join our extensive list of satisfied clients. Whether you need the synthetic turf just on the playing surface or would also like to extend it to other areas such as coaches box, Perth Artificial Grass will work with you and bring to life that perfect soccer field of your dreams.

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