More and more sports are being played on synthetic grass playfields today in Perth. These playing surface installations are engineered for both multi-sport and specialized sports use.
Schools, reactional clubs, and stadia used for all levels of competitions are making the switch to synthetic sports grass. The versatile synthetic turf can be used on different playing surfaces, including, but not limited to;

Why Us? What We Offer

Owing to the apparent popularity of synthetic grass for use on sporting fields, there is, undeniably, quite a number of companies providing supply and installation service. Perth Artificial Grass stands out from the competition in the synthetic sports grass Perth market as a professional company that you can rely on to deliver the best every time. Here are 3 factors to consider when choosing a synthetic sports grass supply and installation company and why we are the ultimate choice when it comes to synthetic sports grass Perth.

1. Quality Synthetic Turf For Sporting Grounds

Each sporting discipline has its own standards and specifications when it comes to the playing surface. Inthe same way, there are different types of synthetic grass in the market. There are varied uses of synthetic turf and you want to ensure that you will be getting the type suited for sporting fields and the best quality at that. Experts in the industry such as Perth Artificial Grass have a clear understanding of quality when it comes to synthetic turf. Being an industry leader also means strategic partnerships with manufacturers and suppliers of the best quality of grass that there is in the market.

2. Installation Experience

Going with a new player in the industry may not always be a bad idea, but it will definitely give you more confidence to work with a company with a proven track record and experience. Who else has the company worked with? Do they have satisfied clients who can speak of their expertise? Have they worked with other clients on projects that are similar to yours?

When it comes to synthetic sports grass Perth installations, you want a company with the experience and in-house capacity to complete your project without having to bring in subcontractors. At Perth Artificial Grass, we have an expert team with years of combined experience and guarantee quality workmanship for every project.

3. Specialized Equipment To Do The Job Right

While a company may have the expertise for design and installation, lack of the right equipment for the job will ultimately lead to a shoddy job, not done right. A lot goes into the successful completion of a synthetic sports grass supply and installation, and especially if you are looking at a large field. We have all the tools and equipment to get the job done right and done right on time. As a company that is especially passionate about synthetic sports grass Perth, we are always committed to ensuring that all the sporting fields meet the highest performance standards as required by the relevant sporting fields.