“Invigorating Glow”

  • 6 color tone
  • 35 mm Yarn height (W-Wave blade)
  • Double Reinforcement Backing
  • 18 Stitches per 10cm
  • 7 Years Manufacture Warranty
  • UV Protected
  • Dtex: 15500 – One of the highest dtex that can be bought

Ultimate is our most invigorating shade of green and an extremely popular product because of this. Standing at 35mm, it’s a step above the rest and you can certainly feel the difference. Deluxe offers a W-Blade Fibre to ensure it can withstand tough conditions.

Perfect for the kids to play on with soft cushioning.

The 6 colour tone makes the synthetic turf look fresh and real. With 18 stitches per 10cm, you can really feel the density and softness of the grass under your feet. You will love walking on the Deluxe.

Its manufactured with a W Blade which means it just springs back after you walk on it.