Denser, Softer, Stronger Turf Than Most Suppliers in Perth. Thousands of Happy Customers

  • 35 – 45mm Yarn Length
  • Designed and Manufactured For The Harsh Australian Climate
  • We Offer Perth’s Only 6 Colour Tone Range
  • Peace of Mind – 7 Year Manufacture Warranty and 7 Year Installation Warranty

Natural Forrest 35mm

“Looks Just Like Real Grass”

  • 4 color tone
  • 35mm Yarn height (W blade)
  • Double Backing Reinforcement
  • UV Protected
  • 7 Years Manufacture Warranty
  • 17 Stitches per 10cm

Summer Green has a 35mm pile height and comes with a unique W Shape Yarn its manufactures to withstand the harsh Australian Climate. It is soft, dense and lush, perfect for any location.

W Shape Yarn design means the turf is built for heavy traffic. It just springs back after you walk on it.

Double Backing means its stronger and it will last longer.

At 17 stitches per 10cm, you can be guaranteed a dense and soft feel under your feet.

Deluxe 38mm

“Most Popular”

  • 6 color tone
  • 38 mm Yarn height (W-Wave blade)
  • Double Reinforcement Backing
  • 18 Stitches per 10cm
  • 7 Years Manufacture Warranty
  • UV Protected

Ultimate is one of our most popular 38mm products, which offers a W blade Fibre to ensure it can withstand tough conditions.

Perfect for the kids to play on with soft cushioning.

The 6 colour makes the synthetic turf look fresh and real. With 18 stitches per 10cm, you can really feel the density and softness of the grass under your feet. You will love walking on the Deluxe.

Its manufactured with a W Blade which means it just springs back after you walk on it.

Ultimate Green 40mm

“Guaranteed A Soft Feel Under Your Feet”

  • 6 color tone
  • 40mm Yarn height (W-Wave blade)
  • UV Protected
  • Double Backing Reinforcement
  • 7 Years Manufacture Warranty
  • 18 Stitched per 10cm

Ultimate Green has a 40mm pile height. It is our number 1 selling artificial grass .

The unique W Blade means it is suitable for heavy traffic and at the same time, soft under your feet.

It has 6 different colour tones giving it that natural look.

It’s definitely built for softness with 18 stitches per 10cm. Take your shoes off and take a walk on the Ultimate Green Turf.

This is a must see!

Buffalo 35mm

“Proper Buffalo Look”

Features: 3 color tone -35mm Pile height (Sport Blade)

Buffalo has one of the widest blades on the market. Easily withstands the harsh Australian heat and perfect for any heavy traffic area.

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