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Exploring The Possibilities Of Repurposing Your Used Artificial Grass 

The impressive lifespan of artificial grass is, without doubt, one of its most [...]

By | July 28th, 2020|Resources|0 Comments

When To Consider Replacing Your Artificial Lawn 

New year, new things. If this is something that you believe in, then [...]

By | June 19th, 2020|Facts|0 Comments

Why You Must Look Beyond Warranty Length with Artificial Grass Supply and Installation

“We offer a lifetime warranty on our artificial grass” Very catchy, is it [...]

By | May 25th, 2020|Facts|0 Comments

What You Should Know About Fire Safety And Artificial Grass

Safety is, without doubt, a crucial consideration when deciding whether or not an [...]

By | April 4th, 2020|Uncategorized|0 Comments

Myths Debunked: A Factsheet On Artificial Grass And Trees 

An artificial lawn can transform the landscape around your property into a truly [...]

By | March 6th, 2020|Facts|0 Comments

Does Artificial Grass Get Too Hot? What You Need To Know 

In The Beginning  One of the prominent setbacks of the first generation of [...]

By | February 11th, 2020|Facts, Uncategorized|0 Comments

Artificial Grass & Weeds:  Why You Can Rest Easy And Not Give It A Second Thought 

Artificial grass comes with a guarantee of minimal maintenance. You don’t ever have [...]

By | November 7th, 2019|Facts|0 Comments

What You Need To Know About Artificial Grass Warranty 

Artificial grass installations, whatever the application, are indeed investments. You will be putting [...]

By | October 29th, 2019|Facts|0 Comments

Choosing An Installation Contractor And How Long Artificial Grass Installations Typically Take

 Who Should Install Your Artificial Lawn? The increasing popularity and ever growing demand [...]

By | October 6th, 2019|Facts|0 Comments

Creative Ways To Use Your Artificial Grass Off Cuts

Artificial grass is perfect for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor [...]

By | August 10th, 2019|Facts|0 Comments
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