The holiday season is a perfect time to host family and friends and get to catch up. With an artificial grass lawn, you have a beautiful and welcoming outdoor entertainment space where you can host garden parties and barbecues. In addition to looking great, synthetic grass is hard-wearing and durable so you don’t have to worry about the lawn taking a beating from all that foot traffic. The best part? You don’t need to do much to prep your yard for the party. No mowing or additional sprucing to think about just so you can make your lawn more presentable. Here are some easy tips and pointers as you prepare to host that outdoor party on your yard this holiday season.

1. Decorate for the Party

Whether it’s a themed or non-themed party, don’t be afraid to be creative and decorate your artificial lawn for the party. Do, however, stay away from decorations that need staking or being pegged into the turf for stability. Doing so will damage your turf’s backing.

2. No Barbecues and Grills

Keeping heat sources such as barbecues and grills is one of several mistakes that may damage your artificial grass. While high-quality synthetic grass is fire-rated, it can melt if exposed to such high temperatures, not to mention that stray embers may damage the surface. Another reason to avoid barbecuing on your artificial lawn is the oil splatters. While it’s easy to clean oil spills off synthetic grass, you will need to do it as soon as possible, because leaving it to rest on the grass poses a serious slip hazard.

3. Shoes Off

Let your guests kick off their shoes and enjoy the feel of the soft grass under their bare feet. It can be very relaxing and will truly set the tone for a laid-back party. Chances are, there will be a guest or two who are dying to ditch their heels and get really comfortable. Unlike natural grass, your guests don’t have to worry about rocks or weed hurting their feet once the shoes come off.

4. Perfect for Outdoor Games

There are several reasons why artificial grass is safe for play surfaces for kids and pets. That’s as many reasons for you to let kids at your party run wild and play. They can safely roll on the grass, and you can be sure they’ll have a safe cushion even in the event of a fall. With the kids preoccupied with their own play, the adults can also freely mingle and enjoy each other’s company without having to constantly check on the young ones.

5. After-Party Cleaning and Touch-up

Synthetic grass is quite easy to clean, and you don’t have to worry too much about your guests making a little mess of things on the lawn. A homemade water and vinegar solution usually works as great as specialist artificial grass cleaning products when you need to remove stains from your turf. It’s best to act fast for wine and other spills that may potentially leave a permanent stain. With other spills and messes, you can always wait and give your lawn a good hosing down. The relatively heavy foot traffic during the party, especially if you had children running around, can leave your grass fibers matted down. Heavy furniture on your lawn may have the same effect. To get the grass back up and standing in the right direction after a good clean, use a stiff broom or power brush.


With these tips, you are more than ready to send out those party invites to your garden party. Remember that your artificial lawn will hold up well, and you can host as many parties as you’d like this season.