Exploring Top 5 Ways of Using Artificial Grass in Your Office

Artificial grass is very versatile, finding applications in all settings, from your backyard to sporting fields. Using artificial grass in offices and workspaces can elevate your décor while creating a fresh and relaxing ambience. This atmosphere can be uplifting for your team members and will certainly help to boost productivity. Adding synthetic grass to your office also has the kind of wow factor that will make your office space stand out and leave your clients, investors, and other stakeholders impressed.

Get as creative as you would like with the use of artificial grass around your office. To help you get started, here are some wonderful ideas you may want to try out.

1. Flooring Throughout the Working Spaces

Installing artificial grass on the floors throughout the office, right from the reception area to the conference rooms, does more than elevate the aesthetics of your office. It can also help to avoid workplace accidents and injuries by making the floor non-slip. Additionally, the synthetic turf cover protects the original flooring, be it wooden or tiled, ensuring it lasts even longer. In addition to the floor areas, you can also use artificial grass on your stairs.

2. Artficial Grass Flooring for the Rooftop Garden and Break Room

Artificial for the Rooftop Garden and Break Room

Adding artificial grass to your rooftop garden can greatly elevate the space. The environment will be more welcoming, providing the perfect space for team members to relax and unwind in the middle of or after a hectic work day. The rooftop is a great place to enjoy a smoke. However, team members should be careful not to throw cigarette butts on the artificial grass carpet. While not flammable, synthetic turf can melt, and the concentrated heat from cigarette butts can burn a hole in the synthetic grass.

Synthetic turf is also great for break rooms and staff lounges. Use premier-quality grass that has a soft feel to it, and everyone will be happy to kick off their shoes and even their socks and soak in the warmth and softness.

3. Office Doormats

Not sure about going all out and covering the entire floor with artificial grass? You can always start small with doormats. Team members can wipe off their shoes on the mats, helping to keep dust and dirt out of the offices. Additionally, synthetic grass doormats are easy to clean, and the cleaning crew will be happy to clean the mats as frequently as necessary.

4. Wall Covering

Add life and texture to those brick or concrete walls throughout your office with artificial grass. The grass on the wall will certainly add a refreshing vibe to the office. Synthetic grass comes in a range of shades, and you can choose what option best suits your overall décor. Instead of covering the entire wall, you may choose to cut out artistic shapes for a truly unique look. You can also add your business logo and other branding elements to the artificial grass on your walls to reinforce your brand identity.

5. Pet-Zones

Is yours a pet-friendly office where people can bring their pets to work? If yes, then a pet zone made from synthetic grass is definitely worth the investment. The pets will have an excellent play area that they will enjoy, and with that, you can be sure they will not be interrupting their owners and other workers. Also, cleaning up after the pets is much easier with artificial grass.

Enrich Your Office Environment Today

Synthetic grass on the floors and walls can dramatically transform your office environment. Your spaces will look brighter and feel more relaxing. Get in touch with us today for quality artificial grass supply and installation for your office space.