Top 4 Reasons Why Artificial Grass is a Great Choice for Wheelchair Users

Maneuvering some areas, including garden areas, can be challenging for wheelchair users. The natural grass in these areas adds to the difficulty, especially when wet, as the grass may get slippery and muddy.

Synthetic turf offers the perfect solution for wheelchair users and delivers greater freedom of movement, among other benefits. Here is an in-depth look at some of the benefits wheelchair users can look forward to with synthetic grass-lined surfaces.

1. Provides a Smooth and Even Surface

Natural grass can hide dips, bumps, and lumps in the ground, especially if left to grow too long. This can be a severe hazard for wheelchair users. The wheelchairs may also easily sink into the ground in areas with natural grass as they become muddy following wet weather.

On the other hand, artificial grass provides a consistent and even surface that makes it easy to maneuver around with a wheelchair. Pre-installation preparation involves leveling out the ground, ensuring that it is perfectly flat ahead of the installation. Even after wet weather, you don’t have to worry about mud patches and dips.

Additionally, you can enjoy a more even surface and easier maneuverability by going for grass with a short pile height. The shorter the turf, the easier and better it is for the wheels.

2. Highly Durable

High-quality synthetic grass is robust and durable. You can look forward to many years of useful life despite heavy wheelchair traffic.

As a wheelchair user, you can confidently go onto your artificial grass lawn as often as you’d like without worrying too much about messing up its aesthetic or function.

3. Low Maintenance Turf

Natural grass requires seeding, mowing, watering, pulling out weeds, and more to keep it looking good. Doing all this from your wheelchair can be quite a strain, and anyone with limited or impaired mobility will undoubtedly appreciate an alternative that requires minimal maintenance.

While you may need to brush the turf now and again and clear away leaves and other debris, maintaining artificial turf is relatively easier than with natural grass. Rest assured that your artificial grass lawn will keep looking lush all year round with very little help from you.

4. Affordable Alternative with Long-Term Cost Savings

Can you afford it? For all the amazing benefits that artificial turf offers wheelchair users, you’re no doubt wondering about the cost at which these benefits will come. Get competitive pricing when you choose from Perth Artificial Grass’ extensive product range comprising high-quality turf designed and manufactured for the local climate.

Synthetic turf is the ultimate saver in the long run. See your water bill come down as you don’t need to water your lawn. You will also save on garden services as the synthetic turf is low maintenance. As highlighted, even with heavy foot and wheelchair traffic, your artificial lawn will remain in good condition for long, and it will be years before you have to worry about spending money on replacing the turf.

5. Indoor and Outdoor Usage

Artificial grass is not just for the front lawns and garden areas. It can also be used in various indoor locations, and not just for its aesthetic appeal.

Whether installed indoors or outdoors, one thing is certain; synthetic turf provides a consistently even surface that makes moving around much easier for wheelchair users. You can move around freely without worrying about the wheels getting stuck on the turf or suffering any damage.

6. More Accessibility and Freedom of Movement Guaranteed

Get high-quality artificial grass and install it to not only create beautiful landscapes and indoor spaces but also to create areas that are wheelchair friendly. Your spaces will definitely be more accessible as wheelchairs enjoy increased freedom of movement.