With the festive season just around the corner, you are no doubt looking for ideas to decorate your home and garden. Installing top-quality artificial grass will have your lawn looking lush and green all year long, and with some decorations, yours should certainly be the yard that stands out this holiday.

1. Get Creative with the Off-Cuts

Time to bring out and dust off those artificial grass off-cuts this festive season. There are so many ways to use artificial grass off-cuts, and if you’re creative enough, you’ll have no trouble coming up with a few ways to use them for your holiday decorations.

You can use the off-cuts to craft some beautiful decorations that you can hang from trees around your yard. Synthetic grass off-cuts are also perfect for putting underneath your Christmas tree so you have an all-green surround near the tree. Similarly, you can stick these decorations to your fence and both your interior and exterior walls. The green color looks great and will certainly brighten up your home and garden.

Another great way to use these artificial grass cut-offs is to use them as a beautiful cover for your Christmas ornaments such as the candy canes, reindeers, and sleighs. You can also cover your hardscape features such as the mailbox and lamp posts.

2. No Stakes through the Synthetic Turf

Pushing stakes or driving pegs into your artificial grass lawn will only damage the turf. The pegs or stakes will pierce your turf’s latex backing. A damaged backing means disruption to your synthetic turf’s stability, and the resulting reduction in tuft will have the grass fibers coming off soon after. When this happens, then it may be a good time to replace your artificial grass. Considering the cost implications of replacing your artificial lawn, you will do well to be extra careful and avoid damage from driving stakes and pegs through your lawn.

As a workaround, you may want to place lightweight decorations such as inflatables elsewhere on your lawn where you can use the stakes. Plant beds and other non-lawn areas are a good option. Pop-ups with weighted bases are perfect for artificial lawns as they require no extra support to hold them down. You can prevent lightweight decorations from getting blown away by tying them down to heavier decorations such as sleighs. Similarly, you can get creative and fill a box wrapped up to look like a present with some sand and attach the lightweight ornaments to the box.

3. Careful with the Lights

Novelty Christmas lighting does an amazing job of literally lighting and brightening things up. With artificial grass lining your lawn, you will want to be extra cautious with the lighting, for everyone’s safety. LED lights may be the better choice as they burn dramatically cooler than their incandescent counterparts. Because they don’t produce much heat as they burn, you may not need to worry about the lights melting your artificial grass should they accidentally fall on the turf.

If you are going to use an extension cord for your Christmas lights, ensure it doesn’t lie directly on the artificial grass lawn. Ensure all electrical connections are contained within a safety box, preferably one that is weatherproof.


Don’t feel restrained about how to go about decorating your yard because you have an artificial lawn. Buy Christmas decorations or make your own from synthetic off-cuts. Just remember to avoid stakes and pegs and keep the Christmas lights off the grass. Happy decorating. And Merry Christmas from the Perth Artificial Grass Pty Ltd team.