The Ultimate Artificial Hedge Guide for Buyers: Benefits, Applications, and Buying Tips

It is no surprise that artificial hedges are fast replacing real ones all across Australia. They are versatile and offer a range of benefits in residential and commercial applications.

Why Artificial Hedges?

Faux hedges are cost-effective in terms of both initial investment and maintenance. Cost consideration aside, here are other reasons to choose artificial hedges:

  • Ultra-realistic Look and Feel: Thanks to the latest and most advanced technology used in the manufacturing process, the trunks, stems, and leaves on artificial hedges look ultra-realistic. With the clear natural colors and textures, it is not easy to distinguish artificial hedging from the real thing.
  • Made for all Weather: High-quality artificial hedges are long-lasting and can survive in all weather, from the harsh sun to rainfall. The hedges will continue to look their best in all weather.
  • Variety of Styles and Designs: Just as extensive as the artificial grass product range is the range of artificial hedges available. The hedges come in various designs and styles. These various styles are differently suited for interior and exterior applications and improve the aesthetic appeal of residential and commercial spaces. Perth Artificial Grass Pty Ltd stocks a variety of artificial hedges that you can sample at our showroom.

How to Use Artificial Hedges: Common Applications

In addition to their inherent ability to instantly transform any space and add to its aesthetic appeal, artificial hedges can also be great sound buffers. These and other characteristics make artificial hedges an excellent choice for the following common applications:

  • Outdoor and Indoor Wall Décor: Green walls can add color to any indoor or outdoor space. Artificial hedges will instantly beautify your garden, swimming pool area, patio, or balcony. Similarly, a green wall in the reception area of your commercial property will have that space looking its most vibrant and welcoming.
  • Privacy Screens: Artificial hedges not only look good, but they can add a sense of privacy to any desired space. If you are a residential property owner who likes to enjoy their peace and quiet away from any prying eyes, you will do well to create a privacy screen by attaching artificial hedging to your fence or walls.
  • Boundary Walls: Faux hedges can be great home and office space dividers. These space partitions create a positive work environment and reduce noise levels to increase productivity in modern workplaces. Similarly, these properties create a relaxing environment in restaurants, lounges, and recreational spaces.
  • Brand Awareness Designs: You can easily customize green walls by adding brand identity elements such as the logo and brand name and take brand recognition to the next level. The aesthetic perfection in these designs stands out and will certainly create a lasting impression.

Buying High-Quality Artificial Hedges

Get high-quality artificial hedges, and you can be sure it will look good and last long. Premier hedges have superior UV resistance and hold up well in all kinds of weather.

Here are key elements to consider that set apart premier-quality faux hedges from the rest:

  • Check that it meets international standards
  • Quality of raw materials: Hedges made from 100% fresh or virgin PE are of higher quality than those made from recycled plastic.
  • Check the appearance: Quality hedging is hyper-realistic and its color is close to its natural counterparts.
  • Touch and density: Premier hedging is smooth to the touch and the layers stay put.
  • Thickness of the grid: Quality hedges are backed by thick and strong plastic grids which are used to fix the hedges.
  • Compare the weight: Avoid hedges that feel too light.

Always buy from reputable providers that you can trust. Perth Artificial Grass Pty Ltd is your number-one stop for soft, dense, and long-lasting artificial hedges. We supply only quality products and provide a product guarantee. Get professional consultation on the best choice for your needs and budget, and get to check out the samples.

Transform your Space Today

Whether you are looking to add some green décor to your space or a space divider that brightens your home or office, artificial hedges are right for you. Get in touch today for all inquiries and request a quote for guaranteed quality supply and installation of artificial hedges in the area.