Artificial Grass Your Pets Will Love: The Ultimate Buying Guide for Pet Owners

There are several reasons artificial grass is safe for pet play areas. While you certainly want your furry friends to be safe as they run around in the yard, you should be just as concerned about whether or not they actually love it.

Advances in product technology over the years have seen the design and production of artificial grass varieties for specific applications. Such includes synthetic grass designed specifically for pets. Even then, not all artificial grass for pets is created equal, and if you are looking for the best turf for your furry friends, here is what to consider.

Soft-textured Fibres

Artificial grass with high-hardness fibres may not be so kind on your pets’ paws. On the other hand, you can be sure those delicate paws will be protected when you install artificial grass with soft fibres.

Shorter Pile Height

Turf with a shorter pile height looks and feels lusher, and your pets will absolutely love it this way. Shorter turf is also highly resilient and will stand up better to heavy pet traffic without matting, unlike artificial grass with longer pile height. Additionally, turf with shorter pile height is easier to clean. You will have an easier time picking dog poop from the turf once it has dried up.

Blade Shape and Style

Artificial turf with curly blades is an excellent choice if you have pets. Not only does the turf look natural, but it also feels natural and feels more comfortable under your pets’ paws.

Dense Pile Structure

A denser pile is best suited for pets because, as a rule of thumb, the denser the turf, the more comfortable it is. The best recommendation would be an artificial grass variety with at least 16,000 stitches per square metre. Such turf is spongy, and the additional cushioning will make your pet want to spend even more time in the yard.

Thatched Over Non-Thatched Grass

Thatched synthetic grass has a more realistic look, and the thatch is generally an indicator of turf quality. Aesthetics aside, the thatch creates an underlayer of fibres that settles around the artificial grass blades to create a spring cushion. This additional cushioning adds to the turf’s natural feel, creating a comfortable surface on which your pets will love to walk and play.

Don’t Forget the Right Infill

In addition to choosing the right type of artificial grass, you must also be careful with your turf infill options. For pet areas, the right infill material will improve drainage, odour control, and longevity of the backing of synthetic turf. Your pet will love walking and playing out even more when the synthetic turf smells good. Silica granules and zeolites do really well for pet areas. On the other hand, crumb rubber is almost never a good choice for pet areas. While durable, the rubber absorbs heat really fast, and for an area such as Perth, where it can get quite hot, your pet will certainly not be comfortable moving around on the turf.

Professional Installation for Pet-Friendly Grass

Are you a pet owner and feeling overwhelmed about what to choose from our range of artificial grass products? Our experts will be happy to consult with you and guide you on the best synthetic turf variety for your yard and pet areas. Choose the right artificial grass, and you can rest assured that your furry friends will love its look and feel. Also, have the grass installed correctly, especially around the edges, so you don’t have to worry about your pets lifting the edging. Trust our highly trained and experienced installation team to deliver the best results.