Artificial grass is such a versatile product with so many applications. Astroturf, the original synthetic turf, was largely used in stadiums and sports arenas.

Today, synthetic grass has certainly advanced, and all these product advances have only served to make artificial grass a great choice for play surfaces. Indeed, artificial grass has replaced natural grass in playground surfaces for childcare centres, schools all the way from kindergarten to universities, as well as sports clubs and recreation centres.

All this should open you to the reality of just how safe synthetic turf is for play surfaces. This is a legit concern, especially If you have young kids and pets and thinking about installing synthetic grass out back where they can enjoy a game of footy or catch. Worry not, because you can never go wrong with synthetic turf for your play surfaces for the following reasons

Synthetic Grass is Non-toxic

Ignore or otherwise forget what you may have heard from misinformed campaigners who say that artificial turf is toxic. The truth is that the turf is made from lead-free materials that are 100% safe. Also, remember that, unlike natural grass, you won’t ever need to treat your synthetic turf with chemicals such as fertilizers, pesticides, and weedicides. 

You can rest assured that your kids and pets will not be getting into contact with any harmful or poisonous chemicals and materials when playing on the artificial grass-lined play surface.

Artificial Grass has a Soft Underfoot

Top-tier synthetic turf has that characteristic lushness that provides a soft underfoot. Go for turf with a higher-than-average pile density, and you can be sure that It will be gentle on your little ones’ feet and paws for however long they play on the grass.

Additionally, what goes into preparing surfaces for artificial turf installation adds to the soft underfoot. The final layer will not feel as hard. Again, installers will ensure they remove sharp rocks, garden debris, and any other safety hazards.

No Pests on Synthetic Turf

With natural grass, it’s almost always just a matter of time before you find yourself dealing with mosquitoes and other types of infestations. This is especially true if you allow your grass to grow too long.

The good news is that you never have to worry about this with synthetic grass. Keep it clean, and you don’t have to give a second thought about insects and pests making themselves home. Rest assured that you won’t be nursing insect bites and treating diseases transmitted by these pests.

Non-Slippery Surface Even When Wet

Wet natural grass is very slippery, and it’s easy for your child and pet to slip and fall on such. There is no telling the severity of the injury your precious ones may sustain, which is why you’ll no doubt choose to keep them away until the grass completely dries up.

That will be the least of your concerns with an artificial grass-lined play surface. One of the best-selling features of synthetic grass is its excellent drainage. 

The grass’s drainage system quickly pushes water away from the surface, ensuring that it dries up really fast. Your kids and pets can happily go out and play for a short while after it stops raining because the grass will have dried up.

A Durable Play Surface

Another advantage is that, as with other applications, synthetic turf is extremely durable when used for lining play surfaces. This durability will also affect the safety of your surfaces.

It can get rough out there with kids jumping and running around. On natural grass, all this playing rough and hard would create the kind of dips that increase the risk of falling and tripping. Without a soft underlay, the kids can get seriously hurt when they fall. Dogs can also create these dips when they dig out holes in the ground.

None of that is an issue with synthetic turf. Your kids and furry friends can play for hours on end each day, and you won’t have to worry about creating dips in your grass. Your dog can’t rip through the grass to dig holes. Your play surface will remain as is, safe and looking even better at all times.

A Safe Playground Surface

There are, of course, other advantages to using artificial grass for playground surfaces. This includes unmatched aesthetic appeal, and of course, easy maintenance. On matters of safety, you can be sure your kids and pets will be safe as they play. Get in touch with us for the best selection and excellent installation services of synthetic turf on all your play surfaces.