The temperature of your artificial grass lawn will no doubt go up on those hot summer days, much like the paving, decking, and other surfaces in your garden. The good news is that you can certainly control how hot your synthetic turf gets, ensuring it stays nice, cool, and comfortable all summer long.

How? Here is a look at the top 4 ways that you can easily explore for the best results. A combination of these options will deliver even better results for you.

1. Choose Quality Artificial Grass with Quality Cooling Technology

It starts with the artificial grass you buy. Synthetic grass has come a long way, and today, there are several revolutionary technologies that help keep your installation cool. One such type of technology keeps the grass cool by reflecting and dissipating heat off the turf and into the atmosphere. These technologies ensure your grass remains at least a few degrees cooler than standard synthetic grass. Additionally, there are innovative cooler coatings that you can apply to the synthetic grass, ensuring it stays cooler at all times.

A lot of thought should always go into selecting artificial grass color tones. Going for lighter shades of green for synthetic turf, especially for applications such as school playgrounds and sports fields, can help keep things cooler. Think of how dark clothes absorb more heat compared to lighter ones. Synthetic grass in a lighter tone of green will reflect sunlight, ensuring you can enjoy a cooler surface.

2. Choose Quality Infill

Turf infill benefits are quite varied and include helping keep your synthetic turf cool. The infill uses the process of evapotranspiration to keep the turf cool. In this process, the infill absorbs moisture from the artificial grass fibers and releases it into the atmosphere, reducing the surface temperatures on your grass.

It is worth pointing out that the different types of turf infills are not created equal and will therefore not deliver the same performance in terms of turf cooling. Go for non-rubber infill as rubber tends to absorb heat more, leaving your turf even hotter. Additionally, you will do well to go for turf infill that is lighter-colored. Just as with the lighter-tone synthetic grass, infill of a lighter color will reflect sunlight better and keep your lawn cooler.

3. Provide Shading

Shrubs and trees standing strategically around your artificial grass installation will provide natural shading that will help keep your lawn cooler. For this reason, even as you are planning for your synthetic grass installation, remember that you don’t need to do away with the natural trees and shrubs in your lawn.

Similarly, you can also create your own shading over the artificial grass. Installing an awning, shade sail, or pergola will provide shading for the synthetic grass beneath your feet while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your garden.

4. Cool Down with Water

For quick cooling, you will want to hose down your artificial grass. You can also use a watering can for this purpose, getting immediate relief. If the kids and pets want to enjoy some games on the turf, a good hose down will ensure your lawn is ready and comfortable within no time. Similarly, you can install a misting system for your installation. This creative system will deliver water spritz, ensuring your whole installation stays cool, even on days when the sun is shining at its peak.

Enjoy Refreshingly Cooler Artificial Grass Today

Explore these recommendations and you can look forward to a refreshingly cool surface on your artificial grass installation. By choosing light-colored, top-quality artificial grass with advanced cooling technologies, adding the right infill material, and adding water when needed, you can look forward to your artificial grass surround being cool and comfortable all summer.