#1. It Doesn’t Need Watering

While a “real” lawn requires regular watering, usually in the early morning and late evening, artificial grass does not. In fact, all you would need to use the water on it is for the occasional cleaning. Every now and then, be sure to hose the blades with a good, short burst of H2O in order to get rid of dirt. Thanks to this, synthetic grass is a perfect choice for water conservation and reducing your bills.

#2 No Mowing

Mowing a lawn is certainly one of the most hated chores you need to do. Well, with the synthetic lawn, you can simply put your lawn mower in the garage, sell it or give it away. You won’t be needing it any more. Plastic grass does not grow. Spend this extra time actually enjoying your lawn, play with your children or pet or have a nice picnic

#3 No Weeds

One of the biggest problems any lawn owner has are weeds. Whether we are talking about crabweed, yallow, dead nettle, black medic or some other type of weed (there a literally hundreds of different species of weed), weed control is a task that takes a lot of time and money. But, if you have an artificial lawn, weeds will not harm it. Of course, you might still need to pull out some weed here and there, but much less than if you had a natural lawn.

#4 No Need For Fertilizers and Pesticides

Synthetic lawns do not need fertilizers to look lush and green. You can also forget about any pest problem. They won’t be interested in this material. By avoiding pesticides, you also help the environment as these are made from toxic chemicals. Plus, it’s another way to save some money.

#5 They are Durable

Once you successfully install artificial grass perth, you won’t have to worry about the wear and tear for many years. This material is made to last and withstand all kinds of climates, weather changes and traffic. You won’t even have to worry about it losing color as the fibers are now UV-stabilized and it won’t fade even under the harshest sun.

#6 Safe for Children

Since a synthetic lawn is absent of an weed killers, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals you would have to use on a natural lawn, they are perfectly safe for your children to play on. In fact, many cities are now starting to use synthetic grass due to this trait.

#7 Your Dog Will Love it

Nothing makes a dog happier than being able to play all day in a verdant environment. And, since the lawn is able to withstand a lot of punishment, you can safely let your dog play around. Also, sometimes dogs will chew on the grass blades, but not synthetic grass. They will completely ignore it. Any dog owner will be happy when he sees just how much easier is to clean the dog’s mess now. Any odor left by your canine can be removed with some water and a mild detergent.

#8 It Always Looks Great

No matter the season, artificial lawns can withstand its conditions. Whether it is desert-hot or ice age cold outside, your lawn will remain green always. The synthetic grass has gone a long way and it now resembles natural grass very closely. As a result, it is able to transform any unassuming landscape into a vibrant and lush scenery.