You’ve probably heard about the numerous benefits offered by synthetic grass and you are seriously considering having it installed on your front or backyard. The only thing that is holding you back is the fact that you have no idea about artificial grass installation cost.

Broadly speaking, the installation of artificial grass involves five main components, namely: the materials to be used (including the grass), labour cost, overhead costs, operation fees, and the profit of the company which installs the artificial grass at your property.

The cost of materials covers the artificial grass, the use of weed killers and installation of the weed barrier fabric, infill, road base, mow strip and other materials that will be used to attach the artificial grass. To a large extent, the actual cost of the materials depends on the type of artificial grass that you want installed on your property and how large the space is.

Operation costs include delivery, fuel and rubbish fees. Again, operation costs can be influenced by how big your property is. On top of that, the fuel cost can go higher if your home is far from the headquarters of the company installing the artificial grass.

When it comes to labour costs, some companies can offer lower prices to their prospective customers. But do remember that you get what you pay for. You may think that you have ended up paying less with one company, but if you look closely at the quality of their work, you may find yourself paying more to rectify their mistakes. Veteran artificial grass installers may ask for a higher fee, but the quality of their work is well worth the investment.

Overhead costs include workers’ compensation and general liability insurance, contractor’s bond, taxes, certifications and other business-related expenses. Some companies can afford to offer lower quotations for the installation of artificial grass because they can forgo these costs; that’s because their operations are not always above board and they probably do not invest in their employees safety and well being. Again, you get what you pay for. If you want greater peace of mind, a little more money spent toward the service of a reputable professional is a better investment on your part.

The bottom line here is that you can always opt for companies that quote a lower price for installation costs and suffer at a later time, or you can opt for professionals with a stellar reputation for providing quality results. If you want to get better yields on your investment, then you know which is the best option for you.