Artificial Grass InstallationSo you have decided to have artificial grass installed at your property, but you are overwhelmed with the variety and not sure where to start?

Well you have come to the right website. In this guide we will show how to avoid getting ripped off, the “IMPORTANT QUESTIONS TO ASK” every installer to ensure you’re actually getting what you paid for and your installer is not taking short-cuts, and how to tell if their product is of poor quality.

Why Most People Decide To Have Artificial Grass

You realise that having great-looking natural grass lawn comes with too great a responsibility. The mowing. The watering. The fertilizing and treating with herbicides and pesticides. It can all take a toll on you. No doubt about it, maintaining natural grass does get pretty exhausting, pretty fast, and especially if you have a full-time career and a family to focus on.

Enter synthetic grass. Instead of having to stress all the time and constantly direct your time and attention to maintaining the lawn, you finally decide Synthetic Grass is the way to go.

Artificial grass allows you to enjoy every bit of the kind of lifestyle that you have been accustomed to with organic grass but without the hassle of maintaining it. Yes. A great-looking lawn, completely hassle-free. Aside from saving you the time and energy that go into upkeep, artificial grass can also save you quite a lot of money. No more spending on water bills, pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals, and you definitely won’t need to buy mowing equipment.

All sounds good, right? But how do you actually choose, not only the right synthetic grass for you but also the right team to work with you on the installation?

Quick Responsive Team You Have, Awesome Work Guys!! Thanks!

Loved my new lawn. Quick responsive team you have, awesome work guys!! Thanks!

Bee Ang

I Love My New Garden!

Excellent, clean job done. Would recommend to anyone looking for artificial grass. I love my new garden!!

Lucy Corr

Fantastic Job That Was Done On Our Backyard

Thank you to the team for the fantastic job that was done on our backyard. The area looks great and we couldnt be happier! We will recommend you guys to others.

Sam Williams

How To Choose The Right Product

Understanding the different varieties of artificial grass > Click Here To View Our Product Range

Much like real grass, artificial turf comes in different varieties. Each one will, naturally, bear a different look. Apart from the aesthetics, each variety comes with some inherent properties. Some synthetic turf varieties will be denser than others, some will have a darker shade than most, and then there are varieties that look and feel more like the real thing than do others.

Get to know the different varieties. Know which ones will look best on your property. Find out which synthetic turf might be more suitable for kids and pets. For golf lovers, get to know which grass variety will best suit your needs and ensure you enjoy putting time.

Perth Artificial Grass prides in bringing variety to its clientele. Whatever your specific tastes and preferences, you can be sure that we have it. Again, we have a wide range of synthetic turf varieties engineered to best serve specific applications.

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Charateristics Of High Quality Synthetic Turf

1. Is it UV treated and Lead Free?

Its important to have UV treated as this keeps the product protected from the harsh Australian Sun. Products that are not treated with enough UV, will melt and go brown over time.

2. Density

You can usually tell by the quantity of stitching. The denser, the higher the stitch rate. The denser it is, the softer under your feet

3. Types of Blade

Different blades and turf have different uses. For example, Wave Blade (sometimes referred to as WW). This type of blade is much wider than most, is softer and can withstand heavy traffic. This is most popular product requested.

4. Colour Variety

Quality suppliers should be able to offer up to 6 tone colour variety.

5. Quantity and Quality of the Backing

The backing helps the turf stay together and keeps it stronger so it can last longer. We recommend a double backing product to ensure the yarn(turf) does not pull out from the backing.

Ask These Questions – It Could Save You Thousands of Dollars

A Professional Artificial Grass Company should be able to answer all these questions.  Ask as many questions as is necessary for you to make an informed decision. Ask the right questions. For a productive consultation, have a list of questions prepared to discuss with your supplier. 

Some questions you could ask are;

  1. Have you got any displays that you can view your quality of work?
  2. What happens if you damage my garden bed or paving? Who is responsible?
  3. Who does the installation? Does your team install it, or do you hire contractors?
  4. What kind of maintenance is required?
  5. How much does it cost? Does it include site works?
  6. What type of backing does your product use? which one do you recommend and why?
  7. Is your product suitable for heavy traffic? if not, which one would be suitable and why?
  8. How thick is the base going to be?
  9. Is your turf safe for my children?
  10. Is your synthetic turf pet-friendly?
  11. How long does it take to install?
  12. Does it come with Installation warranty?
  13. Does it come with a Manufacture warranty?
  14. How will you ensure there is sufficient drainage on my installation?
  15. Will weeds ever grow on my turf?
  16. Do you use infill?
  17. Do you use a compactor?
  18. Will you clean up after the job?
  19. How are you securing the turf down? and how often?

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The right synthetic turf supplier and/or installer will be able to answer these and more questions for you and provide more insight on say, which grass varieties are more suitable for your particular property, and lifestyle.

Just as with much else, there is no “one fits all” when it comes to artificial grass. There are artificial turf varieties well suited for playgrounds, for sports arenas, for commercial centres, and for residential properties.

You can always speak to any one of the knowledgeable and experienced Perth Artificial Grass experts about any questions and concerns you may have.

Quality Artificial Turf Installation

Quality Artificial Grass Installation Perth

Picking the right grass variety is only half the job. Having found the perfect synthetic turf for you, attention now shifts to who will expertly take care of the installation?

Looking to do it yourself? Click here to learn how to install artificial turf.

A quality installer should be fully equipped with expert knowledge on using the right tools for the job.

A Professional Company and Installation should consist of these characteristics;

  1. Prompt replies to your enquiries
  2. Knowledgable and able to respond to your questions with the right answers
  3. Joining of the turf should not be visible
  4. The ground should be hard and flat
  5. The turf should be wrinkle free
  6. The pins used to secure the turf should be used every 30 cm around the outer layer of the installation, and where joining occurs, unless there is concrete in the way, other methods must be used
  7. The site should be clean after the installation

Dedicated In-House Quality Workmanship

You will definitely want to look into the specifics of the “expertly trained and experienced.” What does the installation company really bring to the table that will ensure you get value for your money in terms of aesthetics, how long-lasting the installation will prove to be and of course safety.

You want a company that has an unwavering commitment to quality and does not engage in shoddy work just to save on costs and materials.

Unlike several other companies, Perth Artificial Grass has its own in-house technicians and do not outsource to contractors. At the core of the business is all things artificial grass, so you can be sure that you will be getting specialist and expert service.

We have a dedicated team that works together just to ensure you get nothing short of the best installation service. You will not be dealing with just another contractor that is in a rush to finish a job and move onto the next one. We offer a dedicated service and our friendly team will work closely with you right from the point of initial contact, throughout the installation period and even post-installation for quality check and after-sale services and support.

Equipped For Every Job

Prepare a Base For Installation Remove Existing Turf

Have you every hired a contractor and notice they just don’t have the tools to do the job properly? You see they are constantly back and forth from the the work site. You definitely want to stay away from those type of people.

At Perth Artificial Grass, the installation team is thoroughly equipped with all the right equipment required for a quality installation and trained in the effective and safe use of each equipment The company also spares no expense in the procurement of quality supplies needed for installation. 

Having the right equipment for the job will ensure the project gets completed efficiently and on time.

Going The Extra Mile – Something Other Installers May Not Do

Perth Artificial Grass stands out because the team always goes the extra mile even as they strive to deliver the very best to each client.

It is exactly for that reason that while others will only compact the base a few times, our technicians will thoroughly compact the base, as many times as would take to ensure that it is rock hard, flat and as smooth as can possibly get. The end result? A lawn with optimal drainage. Again, while some companies will only use 75 mm base in high traffic areas, both foot and vehicle, the installation experts at the company use 100mm such areas. This will no doubt help in improving the longevity of the installation, allowing you to enjoy all the many benefits of synthetic turf for longer.

Moreover, when it comes to securing the turf, the technicians use securing pins at a 30 cm interval which cannot compare to the more spread out approach, typically, a pin every 50 cm or worst every 1metre, as employed by some players in the industry. Our team will ensure that the turf is well secured and no ripples or creases appear on the surface of the turf, and in so doing, greatly improving the aesthetic value of the installation.

Before Committing

Knowing all the costs involved and staying within budget

You are confident about your choice of synthetic grass variety and installer, but what is it all going to cost you? More likely than not, you do have a budget in mind that you would wish not to overstretch. Understanding all the costs involved can help get a full picture of how much you will have to commit to the project financially and with that, see how well it all fits into your budget.

What exactly is included in the final price quoted? Transport of the turf to the installation site? Labour charges? Will it cost you extra to have the fake grass installed in a specific area of your lawn? Does the turf come with a warranty? Site works?

Perth Artificial Grass prides in offering industry competitive rates on all products and installation jobs, big or small. Additionally, you get what you get, no hidden costs and additional charges that may mess up with your set budget. We have an able team that will provide you with an initial estimate after an examination of all factors.

Customer Experience and Support

As a homeowner, or business person looking to install synthetic turf on your property, you may not be too conversant with all things fake grass. That is no reason to worry, and especially if you are working with a company that offers excellent customer support.

Have any questions before making your purchase or committing to have the company do the installation at your premises? Again, do you have any concerns following the buying of the artificial turf and/or its installation? Need help with warranty issues? Working with a company like Perth Artificial Grass that shows absolute commitment to customer care and support right from the moment you walk in through their doors will guarantee you a better customer experience and make the entire process stress-free.

A lot can be said about goes into selecting the right supplier and installer of synthetic turf. Perth Artificial Grass Pty Ltd is well known on supplying premier quality products and matching that quality with excellent workmanship during installation. It is truly where real meets ideal. To get value for your money, never be one to settle for less and always choose the best synthetic grass experts in Perth.

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