After coming to an understanding of all the real benefits that come with installing fake grass, you no doubt can’t wait to join the ever-growing community of property owners with synthetic turf. In a bid to save a few bucks, you think to yourself that you are better off installing the grass by yourself.  

You like working with your hands and have always been great with DIY projects and know a couple of other DIY enthusiasts who would be more than happy to offer a helping hand. Besides, it cannot possibly be that hard, right?

Well, to answer that burning question about whether or not you can install artificial grass by yourself, the answer is a simple and resounding yes. But, much like everything else, just because you can do it, does not mean that you should.

We strongly recommend getting an expert installer such as our team at Perth Artificial Grass to take care of your installation. Making a DIY project out of it may sometimes work, but other times, you may find yourself looking at the end results of the installation process and regretting not engaging the services of a professional.

A Test On Your Expertise

Artificial grass installation is a multi-step process, which you may not be too familiar with. As any expert will rightly tell you, there is definitely more to it than just simply rolling out the turf and holding it in place with turf pins and staples.

Each step is just as important as the next, and skipping over even a single step, or not getting it right, will affect the quality of the whole project. Only an expert can fully grasp and appreciate what this means. The devil is always in the details and you have to make sure that you get it right from the very first step to the last one.

Additionally, different surfaces will require you to do differently, in terms of surface preparation. If you are relying on a tutorial that covers only a specific surface, or working from what you may have seen someone else do, you may end up missing the mark, because each surface is different. Again, different installation sites may present their own unique challenges which you may not be prepared to deal with, and which may leave you with a sub-standard installation on your hand.

Size Matters

Away from the complexities and details of the process as a whole, the size of the site where the artificial grass will be installs matters a great deal. For a small space such as on your balcony, you may only need to cut out a single piece that will fit the whole space. If, on the other hand, you are working with a large lawn, and have to work around obstacles such as trees, you will need to lay down several pieces. That’s the easy part, because the real task lies in flawlessly seaming the parts together.

Be Sure

It is no secret that an artificial grass installation requires quite a heavy initial investment, because top-quality synthetic grass does not come cheap.  The cost will definitely be quite significant if you are working with a large installation site.

The last thing you want to do is damage your synthetic turf with a trial and error installation. You also wouldn’t want to end up with an installation that is a total eyesore for you and everyone who comes across your lawn because the grass was not installed properly.

Fortunately, there is one thing you can do to guarantee a high-quality installation, and that is by hiring a professional  installation contractor like Perth Artificial Grass to do the installation for you.

Not every listed installation company can actually deliver such a high-quality installation and that is why you should do your research before committing to a particular company. Have they the skills, the equipment and the experience to do a good job?

Contact Us

At Perth Artificial Grass, we check on all the boxes, because we have the people and the equipment to deliver a quality installation every time. We also offer some of the most competitive rates in the market and as such, if your primary motivation in doing it all by yourself was to avoid the cost of the installation service, rest assured that you will not have to break the bank in order to afford our services.

Can you do it by yourself? You most certainly can. However, wouldn’t you want a guaranteed quality installation that will give you a good return on your investment? At Perth Artificial Grass, we give you that guarantee.

Get in touch with us today for a professional installation service from the real artificial grass experts. If you are bent on doing it yourself, our team will also be happy to step in as consultants and provide you with any help you may need as well as answer any questions you may have.