One of the many benefits of artificial grass is that it is extremely durable, long-lasting and not easily damaged. That is not say that the turf cannot be damaged, because it can, as a matter of fact get damaged.
The good news is that synthetic turf can be repaired and you can look forward to enjoying its many benefits for longer. Your artificial grass is an investment and there is quite a lot that you can do to protect this investment.

Common Causes Of Damage

There are several things that can cause damage, minor or major, to your artificial grass lawn.

Here is a brief look at just some of them:

  1. A loose fit due to poor installation
  2. Small tears after using a brush with sharp bristles
  3. Burns from cigarette butts and stray sparks or embers from a barbecue grill placed on or too close to the lawn
  4. Rips and tears from sharp-edged furniture and other sharp objects.
  5. Exposure to harsh chemicals
  6. Preventing any damage is always better than having to fix it.

Looking at these possible causes of damage, it is easy to see what you can do to avoid the damage. Avoiding the use of sharp objects near the artificial lawn, avoiding smoking near or on the lawn, avoiding putting up fire pits and barbecue grills near the lawn, and keeping harsh chemicals as far away from your lawn are just some of the things you can do to avoid damage.

Can Artificial Grass Be Repaired?

Yes, artificial grass can be repaired. What exactly goes into repairing the turf will depend, of course, on the nature and extent of the damage. That said, and as industry experts will tell you, there isn’t much that qualifies for irreparable damage when it comes to synthetic turf.

Flattened Artificial Turf

The pressure from placing any heavy loads on the artificial grass will cause the synthetic turf to flatten over time. This is actually perhaps the one fix that you can do by yourself. Brushing over the grass using a brush with hard bristles will get the fibers back into an upright position. Where your brush or rake may not work, you can always call in an expert artificial grass technician who will use a specialist mechanical broom or brush to help the grass fibers bounce back to their original state.

Loose Sections

Loose fits are usually as a result of an unprofessional job during installation. The importance of hiring an expert for your artificial grass installation job simply cannot be understated. At Perth Artificial Grass, we use top-quality products and the best techniques to ensure that the seams are properly secured.

Using heavy-duty adhesives will suffice when it comes to fixing loose seams. Another option is to use turf pins or landscape staples to secure the seams.

Patching Up Ripped Sections

Using sharp objects around your artificial lawn can result in rips and tears on the turf. Much like fixing loose sections, the ripped sections can be patched up together using adhesives or turf pins, and it will look as good and flawless as new.

Replacing Damaged Sections

Heat-related damage or damage caused by harsh chemicals is rather permanent. For this class of damage, the best fix is simply to cut out the damaged piece and replace it with a new one.
Finding an exact match for your artificial grass as far as type and color tone is concerned may sometimes prove a little difficult. This is why it is always a good idea to save whatever is left of your artificial grass after the installation. These leftovers can then be used for repairs later on. If you have no leftovers from the original installation, the repair team can help you find a new patch that is as close a match to your existing turf as there is in the market.

DIY Vs. Hiring Expert Help

perth artificial grass logoCan you repair your artificial grass by yourself? Yes, although it is not recommended. For the best results, it’s always well-advised that you bring in professional help.
At Perth Artificial Grass, we have a team of highly skilled and experienced technicians who will attend to any repair works needed for your synthetic turf. Our team will also provide you with relevant information on how to best care for your lawn. We offer competitive rates for our repair services.

Most people enjoy their artificial grass for the entirety of its lifespan without facing any problems, thanks to proper care and maintenance. However, in the event of any damage to the turf, it is important to remember that it can always be fixed. At Perth Artificial Grass, we recommend getting the damage fixed as soon as possible. We are your trusted local synthetic grass specialists and you can rely on us for any repair work you need for your artificial grass lawn.