Synthetic grass is being used everywhere today. From replacing natural lawns in yards to being used as alternative flooring in both residential and commercial premises, this extremely versatile product has found many applications.

One worry that most, if not all, our clients have, centers around the potential damage, if any, that placing furniture and other loads may have on their artificial grass installations.

Hard-Wearing Artificial Grass

For the homeowner who is enjoying a lush garden, your concern may be about what impact having garden furniture may have on your grass. For the gym owner who has invested in artificial grass carpets, your concern about what placing the heavy gym equipment will have on the turf is also very legitimate.

Synthetic grass is engineered to be extremely hard-wearing and long-lasting. Having garden furniture and decorative pots on your yard will not damage the faux turf. Similarly, whether at home or in sporting fields, you can confidently place play items such as trampolines on the grass without worrying about damaging it.

For the heavier loads, what is most crucial is to ensure that the base is properly laid out during the artificial grass installation. The integrity of the base will have a bearing on how well the grass supports the load without compacting or caving in.

What To Do

Artificial grass is very resilient and as pointed out, can withstand the pressure from having furniture and other loads being placed on it. To ensure that you enjoy the most, if not the full lifespan of your grass, here is a look at a few things that you can do:

1. Regularly brush the grass, especially the area under these loads. This will keep the grass upright and looking as great as the rest of the turf.
2. As much as is possible, shift the loads around to ensure even distribution of the weight. This will prevent premature matting in specific areas on the artificial grass.
3. Schedule professional maintenance once in a while. Experts such as our team at Perth Artificial Grass will help you with proper maintenance and repair that will lengthen the useful life of your synthetic turf.

What To Avoid

Synthetic grass is very durable even under the pressure from different loads, but it is not indestructible. To avoid premature and permanent damage to your grass,
Avoid placing any sharp-edged objects on the artificial grass as they will cause rips and tears in the turf.
Do not set up your BBQ on the artificial grass. Stray flames will burn your artificial grass, often beyond repair.
We don’t recommend parking on the artificial grass for long periods. The tyres will damage the synthetic grass, not to mention the fact that some car oil, which is actually quite difficult to get off, may end up dripping onto the grass.

Can you place furniture and other objects on your artificial grass?

Absolutely yes. Whether yours is an indoor installation or outdoor, fake grass is extremely hard-wearing and with some care, you can look forward to your turf looking and performing its best for its full lifespan.