Is weed a problem I will have to deal with once I get my artificial grass lawn installed? This is yet another common question that we get asked all the time.

Weeds are a nuisance to deal with. You may need to spend hours of your precious time pulling out these pesky weeds and spend even more on herbicides and other chemicals.  Going back to the question of whether weeds are a concern for artificial grass, the answer is no. Unlike natural lawns, you won’t have to worry about weeds when you get your artificial grass installed.

Why this is comes down to several factors centered on the process that goes into surface preparation prior to installing the grass as well as the inherent properties of synthetic turf. Here is a brief look at these factors


  • Surface Preparation


Working with a qualified and experienced installation time like our very own at Perth Artificial Grass guarantees you a thorough and professionally done surface preparation that will prevent any weed from penetrating and growing through the artificial turf.

Excavation Process and Base Compaction

The process of excavation effectively removes all surface weeds.  The area is sprayed with a weed killer and for an expert team, they will excavate 2-6 inches below the finished grade depending on the soil. Once this layer of soil is removed, it will be replaced with base materials which are generally also impervious to the growth of weeds. This solid base provides an additional surface that any weeds will have difficulty penetrating through.


  • Installation of a Weed Barrier


Although it is entirely optional, our experts at Perth Artificial Grass highly recommend adding a weed barrier to your installation if you have no wish to deal with weed growth in you artificial grass. This additional layer of protection will work alongside your base to block out any weeds. For the best protection, you need the best quality of weed barrier.your artificial grass supplier and installer can help you source for the best barrier there is in the market.


  • Primary and Secondary Backing


A properly installed backing provides one final layer of protection against the growth of weeds. Both the primary and secondary backing layers will prevent weed from penetrating through your artificial turf and finding their way onto the surface.

  • Excellent Drainage

Weeds, like any other plants, require some moisture or water to grow. Artificial grass has great drainage properties and you don’t have to worry about it trapping enough moisture to encourage the growth of surface weeds.

What you can do

Ensure that you remove any leaves, debris or rotting organic waste from the surface of your artificial lawn. Birds and insects can drop seeds on this debris, and some may get blown in by the winds. Weeds may grow from these seeds. Use a rake or brush to clear away any debris and prevent this growth.

In the event that surface weeds do manage to grow on your lawn, use a gentle weed killer. You could also just as easily pull them out and it will require very little effort on your part because the weeds are not rooted in soil.  However, as industry experts will tell you, prevention is always the best course of action.

Be Pro-active

To ensure that you never have to worry about dealing with a weed problem now, or anytime in the future, invest in top quality artificial grass, as well as a premier quality weed barrier. With a professional such as Perth Artificial Grass working on your installation, you can expect the very best in surface preparation and laying of your turf, both of which will help to keep the weeds away.