It’s no secret that more and more property owners, both commercial and residential are making the switch from natural grass to artificial turf. Synthetic grass has proven itself to be a very versatile product with many benefits, and that explains why it is fast becoming the turf of choice for diverse applications and not just in landscaping.

In your eagerness to enjoy all the many benefits that come with an artificial grass installation, you may become tempted to cut a few corners here and there in the installation process, including installing the synthetic grass over your existing turf of natural grass. Some not-so-professional installation companies may even suggest pouring a layer of sand over the natural grass before the synthetic grass is laid down as a quick and cheaper fix. Rest assured that this is by no means a practical fix and as always, cheap always turns out to be quite expensive in the long run when it comes to artificial grass installation. It is exactly for that reason that we, at Perth Artificial Grass, strongly advise against doing so.

Making this uninformed decision may seem like such a good idea because it will save you some money in ground preparation and save you time during the installation project, but from an expert’s point of view, this is one bad decision you don’t want to make and cannot afford to make.

At Perth Artificial Grass, we strongly discourage against installing artificial grass over natural grass because doing so comes with a host of problems. Just don’t do it; we cannot emphasize that enough.

If you are still on the fence about this, here is a look at some of these challenges and problems that you can expect to encounter should you go against expert advice and go ahead with such an installation

Persistent Weed Problem



If you install the artificial grass over natural grass, and especially without including a protective weed barrier, then you can expect to see weeds and even the grass itself to trying to grow through the new layer of installed artificial turf.  You will find yourself spending more time than you would care to trying to uproot any weeds that successfully penetrate to the surface and spending on chemicals to get rid of the same.

Uneven surface



Ever under the compacting effect from the new layer of artificial grass, the natural grass beneath will not be smooth or even. This unevenness will cause the laid artificial turf to look rippled, which can be quite unappealing to the eye. This is not to mention the fact that the unevenness of the surface can present a significant tripping hazard, particularly for little kids and pets who may be running around and playing in the lawn.

Problems With Drainage



Proper ground preparation is critical if your artificial grass installation’s drainage is to perform as well as it should. Simply installing the synthetic turf over natural grass does not, by any stretch, amount to right ground preparation. It should therefore come as no surprise when you are faced with drainage problems whenever it rains or when you hose down your turf during routine cleaning. Flooding on your newly installed artificial turf will not only leave it looking not-so-great, but it may also contribute to premature ageing.

Reduced Lifespan



Every step in the artificial grass installation process, including ground preparation is designed to guarantee the integrity and optimal performance of your artificial lawn and ensure its longevity. Skipping the ground preparation step means that the base will be compromised, and as a result, the installed synthetic lawn will not perform as well as expected or last as long. By cutting corners, you will not get the most out of your investment and will be in the market looking for a replacement much sooner than you would expect.

The Take Away

Installing artificial grass directly over your existing natural grass may seem like a good idea, if you keep your focus on the little time and money that you will save yourself. Unfortunately, that kind of thinking prevents you from looking at the bigger picture.

An artificial grass installation is a long-term investment, and to be able to enjoy all its benefits for the 20 years or more, indicated as its expected lifespan,  you must get it right from the word go during the installation process. No step is too small or insignificant to ignore or just skip over.

Our skilled and experienced experts at Perth Artificial Grass will first remove your existing natural lawn, and do all the necessary ground preparation work including excavation and compacting. Following the right steps will ensure that you don’t have to worry about weed control problems or drainage problems and that your installation is aesthetically appealing, safe and long-lasting.