If you like the idea of maintaining curb appeal without much work, then artificial grass is the best choice for you. Perth synthetic grass easily achieves that perfectly manicured lawn, and you don’t have to worry about changes in weather and the presence of insects so much because synthetic grass is impervious to these factors.

Of course, the convenience it offers as well as its long-lasting beauty come with a price, but in the long run, the initial price would prove to be so much lower than the total amount of money property owners usually spend on lawn maintenance such as landscaping upkeep, soil treatment, pest treatments, mowing, etc. How does synthetic grass make up for all those?

First of all, superior quality synthetic grass maintains its ideal length, colour, and thickness for a really long time. There’s no need to water it daily and cut it weekly; a lot of money can be saved by not having to water regularly and take out the lawn mower which runs on gas. To properly maintain synthetic grass, only weekly light watering can get rid of dirt, and if you want a really nice green colour, sweeping with a stiff broom is all it usually takes (especially if you don’t have pets). Here’s our top 8 reasons for choosing artificial grass.

Secondly, synthetic grass is not vulnerable to the presence of weeds, pests and other harmful elements. Since it’s not the real thing, there are no nutrients that can get sucked out of them by weeds and damaging insects. Typically, when natural lawns are attacked by such elements, the growth of grass gets affected, thus creating big, brown, ugly bald spots. Most property owners, instead of waiting for new grass to sprout from the ground after intensive treatment, just purchase new turf to be installed, which can be rather pricey and still vulnerable to the attack of pests. These aren’t issues with artificial lawns.

And thirdly, regular grass and soil treatments can be very expensive. Lawn tonics and other implements that need to be applied to prevent fungal growth, enhance growth of grass, and make the lawn less prone to the proliferation of weeds and the presence of all sorts of grass-loving pests cost a lot. However, with synthetic turf, most of these are not required.

Last, but definitely not the least, is that synthetic grass makes lawns safer for outdoor activities, so it’s more ideal for households with children who like to play outdoors because the artificial grass does not get torn up by rough play and get all “mooshy” and slippery. Parents don’t have to worry so much about the young ones getting injured and dirty while playing.