The impressive lifespan of artificial grass is, without doubt, one of its most significant selling points. You can look forward to enjoying years of useful service from your synthetic lawn once it is installed. By buying the best quality available, having it installed by a professional, and investing your time in attending to the little maintenance demands of synthetic grass, you can confidently look forward to your installation lasting even longer.

Years after you first get your artificial lawn installed, you will need to replace it. Recycling is an option for your old turf. Again, instead of simply writing off your old turf, you can repurpose it. Just because you are not using the turf on your lawn or in any other application as initially intended doesn’t mean that you can’t put it to good use elsewhere.

With repurposing, you may need to do some repairs here and there depending on the condition of the turf.  Other than that, the only other thing you will need to do is clean the synthetic turf. Once your turf is all clean and repaired, you can cut it up into the right size as dictated by the use to which you will be putting the artificial turf.

Top 5 Ways For Reusing or Repurposing Artificial Grass

  •   Floor covering for batting cages 
  •   Floor covering for dog runs in animal shelters and dog parks
  •   Ground covering for your barns or stables
  •   Ground covering in driving ranges 
  •   Ground covering for areas that are very prone to erosion

 There are plenty more options to explore when it comes to repurposing used artificial grass, and your creative mind is the only limit. With so many endless possibilities, if you can think of a new use for the turf, then, by all means, go ahead and explore it. You have the assurance that in and of itself, the synthetic turf is completely safe for use in whatever application you can think of for it. 0If you have any concerns about health and safety for a particular application, you should speak to an expert such as Perth Artificial Grass before you go ahead and use the old turf for that particular purpose.

For even better performance and aesthetics, you may want to consider getting new artificial grass installed for each of these highlighted applications. In this case, using the old and used synthetic turf will sever as just a temporary solution as you look at getting new turf for that particular purpose and getting it installed by a professional installation company.

Nothing Is Wasted

If your artificial lawn installation used sand as the infill material, then the sand, once separated from the layer of turf can be reused as infill in another artificial grass installation. Indeed, nothing ever goes to waste. For crumb rubber infill, it can be used with concrete and asphalt in the construction of roads. However, the crumb rubber may need to go through recycling first.

The Place Of Professional Input 

Are you looking to replace your existing artificial lawn and not sure about what to do with the old one? Professionals such as the team at Perth Artificial Grass can help you look at great options for repurposing your old turf, even as they help you find a suitable replacement and expertly install it for you. You can look forward to using your manufactured grass even after you stop using it as was originally intended.

Repurposing is an excellent way to reduce how much artificial grass ends up in landfills. If your synthetic turf has come to the end of its useful life, reusing it is undoubtedly a great option you should consider.

For more ideas on some other creative ways to use artificial turf off cuts, check out this post.