Artificial grass is perfect for a wide range of both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you are using the grass on your lawn, or using it as flooring for your patio and deck, you need to ensure that the turf is properly installed.

Part of the installation process involves cutting the turf to ensure that is fits exactly into the spaces and surfaces on which it is being installed. In your garden, this may be necessary when you need to work around landscaping features and such as other permanently fixed obstacles. A professional installer will make precise cuts and stitch everything up so that everything appears uniform.

 Should you throw away these end of roll pieces of synthetic grass left over after your diy artificial grass installation project is complete? Absolutely. What can you do with the pieces of artificial grass off cuts?

Ways To Use Synthetic Turf Off Cuts

1. Upholstering Outdoor Furniture

artificial grass chairs and furniture

If you spend a lot of time out back, then you need to have furniture that is comfortable. Using the little pieces of grass on your furniture will only add to this comfort. Because our range of synthetic turf is very soft to the touch, and it feel most comfortable. You can use the turf on both chairs and tables.

2. Make A Doormat

If the size fits, simply use the offcut as a welcome door mat for your home. You may need to trim it down a little more if the size of the offcut doesn’t fit quite well into the space on your front door. This beautiful welcome mat will definitely leave a great first impression on anyone who will be visiting.


3. Make A Rug

The pieces may not be big enough to cover a whole room, or even a significant portion of the room, but you can use them to make a rug for a small part. You can have this rug for the area near your favorite chair, and enjoy the great feeling on your bare feet. You can also use the small rug as a bedside rug, or a bathroom rug. Where to use the rug will be ultimately up to you.

4. Decorating Your Stairway

artificial grass stairway

Artificial grass is commonly used as an alternative flooring option instead of carpets. You can extend that basic idea and use the small offcuts to line up your stairs.  The grass feels great beneath your and going up and down be stairs will be a whole new experience. Rest assured that you will notice that you will not complain as much when you have to go back upstairs for something you forgot.

5. Artificial Grass For Pet Areas

Do your pets have their own favorite spots around the house? Think of that warm spot where your cat likes to laze around when it is not cuddling up to you on the couch. You can make these spots a little more comfortable for your pets by placing these small pieces. Your pets will love it, and they will love you for it.

6. Lining Your Wardrobe And Shoe Racks

If you are always complaining about the kids dragging in their dusty or muddy shoes and getting the surfaces around the shoe racks dirty, then artificial grass cut offs could be the solution you have been looking for. Not only does it add a sense of style to your wardrobe or shoe rack, but lined these spaces with artificial grass pieces will help ensure that none of the dust or dirt on the shoes gets on the floor. You can conveniently clean the small covering regularly.

7. Sell it

Just like whole rolls, there is a ready market for artificial grass cutoffs among people who need the turf in smaller pieces for specific applications. If you can find a willing buyer for your cutoffs and end or roll pieces, then by all means go ahead and make an extra buck out of it. Some installers will be the first to offer you a good price for the pieces once they are done with the project.

8. Keep It

Even as you get creative with ways to use your end of roll pieces and cutoffs, you should also remember to keep some of it. If your lawn gets damaged because of whatever reason, repairing it may require cutting out the part that is damaged and replacing it with new pieces. For uniformity, it helps a lot if the parts used in the repairs are from the original turf. That is where your little cutoffs come in handy. By using these pieces, it will be near impossible for anyone to notice that apart was ever taken out and replaced.

Artificial grass cutoffs do not belong in the trash. Apart from keeping the pieces for future use, there are numerous uses to which you can put the grass as highlighted.