Who Should Install Your Artificial Lawn?

perth artificial grass logoThe increasing popularity and ever growing demand for artificial grass has occasioned an increase in the number of synthetic grass supply and/or installation companies. However, just because a company says they can do a good installation job doesn’t mean they actually can. 

When looking for a synthetic grass installation company, choose one that is licensed to do so, and which can prove its qualifications and experience in the area of artificial grass installations. Perth Artificial Grass has proven itself as an industry leader and the many clients that we have worked with can give testimony of our expertise and quality workmanship. Our installation technicians are highly trained and have years of relevant industry experience to handle every artificial grass installation job. Big or small, whatever the scale of your job, we are the experts to always call in.

When looking at prospective contractors for your artificial installation project, don’t just take their word for it about being qualified and experienced. Ask to see their portfolio, which includes not only pictures and videos of other installations they have previously work on, but you can also ask to visit one or two sites where they have installed the grass. You wouldn’t want to commit yourself to a company with experience that is as real as the fake grass they supply and install.

How Long Will It Take?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that we get here at Perth Artificial Grass. It is important to preface the answer to this question by saying that, you, as the client, don’t necessarily have to be present during the installation. This means that you don’t have to put your schedule on hold during the time that the project will be on-going. However, it’s been our experience that some clients do prefer to be physically present during the presence, if only just to see how it’s done.

Artificial Grass installation projects typically take anywhere between a few hours to a few days. Exactly how long it will take to lay the artificial grass for your specific project will depend on a number of factors, some of which we have tried to highlight as follows


  • The Size  Of Your Yard


How big your lawn is will obviously dictate how long it takes. A bigger yard will definitely need more time because there is more square footage to cover. For school playgrounds, sporting fields, and other commercial and industrial installations that cover an even bigger space, there will be a lot more work to do in terms of preparing the space and the actual laying of the turf, so it will take a lot longer.


  • Who You Choose To Work With


The importance of working with an experienced crew cannot be understated, and particularly if you are hoping for a quick turnaround. An installation crew that has years of experience in the field will get the job done right the first time and you won’t have to worry about them having to start all over again because of one mistake or the other. Such a team will also have a lot of experience dealing with any challenges that may present themselves during the process and are equipped to quickly find solutions for these challenges, thereby avoiding any unnecessary delays.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about a less experienced company that is just starting out. More often than not, it’s going to take such a team a little longer. While an installation team with experience can manage to do up to 30-50 square meters a day, newbies may only manage up to 20-30 square meters a day. The disparity cannot be clearer and your odds for a faster turnaround are far better with an experienced team.

If you are working with an experienced team, equipped with all the right equipment and tools, you can expect the team to be done within a day or two, depending on the size of your yard. If the company sends over more people to work on your project, this turnaround could very well reduce to just a few hours or a day.


  • Accessibility To Your Site


The ease of access to the site where the grass will be installed will also influence how long the installation team will take. Materials and equipment need to be carried to the site, and if this means going through a flight of stairs, then you can definitely expect that it would take a little longer. The alternative, which may prove expensive in terms of labor cost, is to have the company send over more people, some of whom will only be responsible for carrying the materials.

 If yours is an open yard where the team just has to pull up, unload the equipment and other materials from the vehicle and get started on the project, then, it will most certainly take a little less because no time is wasted on trying to access the site. 

A professional company like Perth Artificial will make all necessary arrangements to make accessing your site easier. It’s for this reason that it is important to disclose as much detail as you possibly can about your site and project needs. This information will be critical in making prior arrangements if need be that will help the installation process run much more smoothly.

Getting It Right 

Communication is key. During your initial consultation, you should always feel free to share with your contractor if you have any time limitations on you project. Your contractor will then share a plan of action with you on how they can deliver on these timelines. You can give the go-ahead to start the project if you are convinced and satisfied with the proposal. 

 At Perth Artificial Grass, we are committed to delivering top quality installations in a timely fashion. Absolute customer satisfaction is a priority with us, and that is why we will do all we can to ensure that your project takes the shortest time possible without compromising on the quality of the artificial grass installation.