Artificial grass installations, whatever the application, are indeed investments. You will be putting in a lot of your money, and expecting a good return on your investment in the form of the many benefits that come with using synthetic grass. You will want to have your investment protected, and an artificial grass warranty serves exactly that purpose. 

“We offer a lifetime warranty on our artificial grass,” ”we offer the best warranty in the market. “If you have been shopping around for synthetic grass, then these are just some of the offerings you have probably come across. Sound too good to be true? That’s probably because they are. Companies know just how much value potential customers attach to warranties and that is why the will make a whole sales pitch around it.

From our fake grass experts at Perth Artificial Grass, here is a look at a number of things to bear in mind and act upon when reviewing an offered warranty. With these factors in consideration, you can save yourself the frustration of finding out that you have been dealt the shorthand when you make an actual claim on your warranty.

Who Covers What?

Warranties are binding and outline expectation of liability. Your warranty should cover specific responsibility terms and conditions for all parties involved.

It is important that you take your time to read the packet of information that is your warranty even before you commit yourself to a purchase. With warranties, it is all about the details, and you want to understand what each detail means before buying.

  • Who exactly will be responsible for backing up the warranty? Is it the manufacturer or the supplier? Is the warranty a third-party warranty?
  • What does the manufacturer’s warranty cover? It should be very specific; be it UV degradation, backing integrity, fiber strength and stability etc.
  • What is not covered in the warranty? Artificial grass warranties do not cover normal wear and tear. It is important that you ask what qualifies as “normal” wear and tear.
  • Does the installation company provide a separate warranty on their workmanship?
  • How long is the warranty valid for?
  • What to do in way of making a claim when something is wrong?

Is There Proof?

If you are very keen on buying grass from a specific manufacturer or at least a manufacturer from a specific area, then it is well within your rights as a customer to ask for proof that indeed the synthetic grass you are about to purchase is from said manufacturer. 

There are many reputable manufacturers across the globe who have proven themselves as companies that do honor their warranties. Purchasing products from such companies will always give you better peace of mind. Your supplier, or distributor, if legitimate, should have no problem providing you with a manufacturer’s certificate or something similar as proof. 

Will The Parties Involved Still Be In Business When You Make Your Claim?

One of the real issues with these so-called lifetime warranties is the legitimate worry about whether or not the party that should honor the warranty will actually still be around when you have to make your claim. Some businesses are here to stay, while others you simply cannot be too sure about. 

Artificial grass has become very popular over the last few years and has attracted many new companies. Unfortunately, some of these companies don’t make it for the long haul. Who do you turn to for your warranty claim when the company that should honor it is no longer in business?

For this reason it is crucial to work with a reputable company that has been around long enough. Do your due diligence when choosing a manufacturer or supplier and/or installer. Who you choose to work with is just as important as the product that you choose to buy. The longer a company has been in business, the better.

Get It All On Paper

Don’t be in too much of a rush to get your artificial grass and neglect getting your warranty. Again, don’t put too much trust in a company and neglect getting the proper documentation. Ensure that the relevant parties sign the warranty, and in the event of any modifications to the original terms and conditions, make sure that these changes are signed against.

There is a lot more to a warranty than just looking at the number of years indicated on it. As always, stay in the know by carefully reading your warranty.

A Company You Can Trust

At Perth Artificial Grass we offer a manufacturer-backed warranty for our products. We also offer a limited-time warranty on workmanship for our installation projects. We pride in being a reliable company and working with reliable manufacturers and other partners. Rest assured that we will honor every term and condition of our warranty. Get in touch for any questions you may have about your cover.