Artificial grass comes with a guarantee of minimal maintenance. You don’t ever have to worry about watering your lawn, or spending your weekends mowing the lawn and any other laborious and time-consuming tasks in the name of lawn maintenance. Something else that you can confidently say goodbye to is investing your time and money taking care of the weed problem that you cannot escape with natural grass.

Does this mean that you will never have to see even a single weed on your lawn? Not really. A few weeds may still find their way onto your lawn. That is because, weeds may grow on your infill material, and especially sand-based infills and the organic kind after seeds are deposited on the material by birds and insects flying overhead.  Another common problem area is around the edges of the artificial grass, especially if your installation site borders an area where such weeds and natural grass grow.

All in all, if ever you come across some weeds in your artificial lawn, rest assured that they will only be but just a few. And here are two reasons why the weed problem will cease being something that keeps you up at night once you decide to go the artificial grass way.

Inherent Artificial Grass Properties

Synthetic turf is inherently far more weed-resistant compared to natural grass.  It is very difficult for the weed to grow through the artificial turf, thanks to the robust material from which the grass is made. Underneath the layer of fiber material that makes up the surface of the artificial lawn other layers which offer a significant level of protection that prevents weeds from sneaking their way onto your beautiful lawn. Check out our large variety of synthetic turf here.

Professional Installation

Level The Ground - Proper Artificial Grass InstallationWorking with a qualified and experienced installation team like our very own at Perth Artificial Grass guarantees you a thorough and professionally done installation job that will prevent any weed from penetrating and growing through the artificial turf. An expert will keep in mind all the precautions and the required steps, pre- during and post-installation that help combat the growth of weeds.

Surface Preparation: Excavation Process and Base Compaction

The process of excavation effectively removes all surface weeds.  The area is sprayed with a weed killer and for an expert team, they will excavate 2-6 inches below the finished grade depending on the soil. Once this layer of soil is removed, it will be replaced with base materials which are generally also impervious to the growth of weeds. This solid base provides an additional surface that any weeds will have difficulty penetrating through. 

Installation of a Weed Barrier

Although it is entirely optional, our experts at Perth Artificial Grass highly recommend adding a weed barrier to your installation if you have no wish to deal with weed growth in your artificial grass. This additional layer of protection will work alongside your base to block out any weeds.

Primary and Secondary Backing

A properly installed backing provides one final layer of protection against the growth of weeds. The quality of the backing will also have an impact on how effective it will be as a barrier to the growth of weeds in your artificial turf. 

Careful Edging 

The edges are the most notorious spots on any artificial turf from which weeds may sprout.  If your installer does not pay careful attention to ensuring that the edges are sealed off tightly, you may have to deal with a few weeds here and there finding their way around these edges. 

Being Proactive: What You Can Do

 Once your artificial lawn has been installed, there is quite a bit that you can do to prevent weeds from becoming an issue for you. Our experts have come up with some actionable suggestions which have proved effective for our clients over the years.

Ensure that you remove any leave, debris or rotting organic waste from the surface of your artificial lawn. Birds and insects can drop seeds on this debris, and some may get blown in by the winds. Weeds ay grow from these seeds. Use a rake or brush to clear away any debris and prevent this growth.

In the event that surface weeds do manage to grow on your lawn, use a gentle weed killer or herbicide. You could also just as easily pull them out and it will require very little effort on your part because the weeds are not rooted in soil. This is especially true for weeds which grow on the infill material that is spread in between the blades of the artificial grass.

Reach Us 

As industry experts will tell you, prevention is always the best course of action. As such, take care when choosing both your artificial grass and who will install it for you. At Perth Artificial Grass, you can have your pick from the different varieties of synthetic grass that we carry in our inventory. We source for the highest quality of artificial grass which is designed to perform well as far as being weed-resistant. Our team is also well trained and experienced in doing professional installations that will stand the test of time and which leave no room for weeds to sneak into your artificial lawn.

Have any questions? Get in touch. If you are tired of constantly having to deal with those pesky weeds on your natural lawn, and are ready to make the big switch to artificial grass, we are the company to call for the job.