Apart from the obvious cost-savings, aesthetics is another selling point for artificial grass. Synthetic lawns look great and will add to your curb appeal, and by extension, property value. 

Except, that this aesthetic appeal is not inherent. You have to be deliberate about your choice of synthetic grass and its installation to enjoy this benefit of synthetic grass. 

The good news is that you can never go wrong when you engage a professional synthetic turf and supplier like Perth Artificial Grass. In this post, we will explore some of the ways that pros can help to ensure you get the best-looking lawn for your property

Grass that Looks like the Real Deal

There is such a wide variety of artificial grass types from which you can choose. Some look more like real grass than others, based on characteristics such as the tone of the green color, pile length and density, as well as the thatching.

Some varieties scream fake from a very long way off, meaning anyone can tell that yours is a synthetic lawn. You will definitely want to stay away from such and stick to synthetic grass that closely resembles the real grass in your local area. 

Talk to one of our experts about the type of grass you are looking to have installed and they can help you narrow down the best picks for you. Your supplier will ask about what length of grass you want to have in your yard, the texture, not to mention that they have an understanding of what the local natural grass looks like for better matching.  

A professional company will also be more than happy to share some samples with you. You can try out the samples at your home or business, and get a better picture of what your lawn will look like once in place.  You also want to go for high-quality grass that is highly durable, and UV-resistant.

No Wrinkles and Creases

Mistakes done when preparing and laying the base can cause creases and wrinkles in your artificial grass lawn. Insufficient leveling of the base, and the surface beneath can cause your synthetic turf to slump. Using too much, or not enough infill can also result in some creases and wrinkles.

Another common mistake that can lead to the same problem is not being careful when stretching out the turf. Professional installers know to stretch out the turf real tight before its secured.  Experts will also lay out your turf for at least a few hours, just so it acclimatizes to your lawn, for the best results.

Even and Invisible Joins

Uneven joins can really take away from the aesthetics of your artificial grass installation. This is often the case when installers use cable ties or timber planks to push together rolls of turf. Again, you also don’t want to see a joint line running across your turf. 

It can be quite costly to correct uneven and visible joints later on. Because of the aesthetics, you will have no choice but to get the problem fixed. Avoid the extra expenses at a later stage by ensuring you get the installation done right the first time around. Professional installers will know how to cut your artificial turf, and push the rolls together in such a way that the joint lines do not stick out like a sore thumb on your lawn.

Minimal Weeds

Weeds are quite commonplace with natural grass, but installed properly, you can look forward to enjoying a easy care synthetic lawn.

Professional installers will start with uprooting any existing weeds when preparing your lawn for artificial grass installation. Even more important is the laying of a premier-quality weed barrier or geotextile. This layer prevents weeds from pushing through your synthetic turf. 

No Drainage Problems

Imagine having to look at puddles of water across your artificial grass when it rains. The flooding is definitely not a good sight, not to mention the fact that your kids and pets will want to play in the puddles.

Experts install an aggregate base to water drain better into the soil. Properly leveling the base and the turf itself ensures that divots, which would otherwise collect water, do not form. Lastly is installing drains throughout the synthetic turf for the best drainage.

Only Trust the Experts

Want a synthetic lawn that will good after its installed, and in the years to come?  Choose your synthetic grass well, and ensure you get expertly skilled and experienced professionals to install it.Hire the best and you can look forward to a lawn with even joints, no weeds, no wrinkles and anything else that would take away from the aesthetics. You can trust industry leaders, Perth Artificial Grass.