After an evaluation of all the short and long term benefits and value added of synthetic grass, the most frequently asked question that we are almost always faced with is “how much is it all going to cost?” The benefits speak for themselves, but, it is of course, important to know how much you will be putting in before you can start enjoying all the advantages and benefits that come with an artificial grass installation.

We could throw in an estimate, but that wouldn’t really make any sense to you or anyone else for that matter. This, for the simple reason that there’s quite a number of factors that go into determining how much you will have to pay for your artificial grass installation and the final figure is never just an arbitrary figure.

Now then, how much does artificial grass cost and what factors into the pricing? As a player in the industry, we have found that 4 main factors greatly influence the price of synthetic grass.

4 Main Factors That Influence The Price Of Artificial Grass 

Artificial Grass Type and Quality

Like any other product in the market, artificial grass comes in different qualities. Not surprisingly, the quality of the grass definitely affects its price.

Lower quality grass is made from lower quality material such as a subpar backing system and even then the material used is less, translating to less turf density, and lower pile height. On the other hand, high quality raw material goes into the manufacture of superior synthetic turf.  In the end, as expected, lower quality fake grass is generally less expensive compared to the high-end artificial grass in the market.

Perth Artificial Grass has an extensive inventory, which we have partnered with reputable manufacturers and suppliers to get the best deals on quality and price. We ensure that we share this advantage with our clients in the form of trickled down competitive prices. While ours may not necessarily be the lowest prices in Perth, our prices are commensurate with the quality of the grass and are market competitive.

Service Rendered – Save Time and Money

Are you getting a supply only service or a supply-and-installation service? The former will, of course, cost less as installation comes at an extra cost. It is always well within the rights of clients to buy the grass from one company and have another do the installation, but if you can find a company that offers a full-service and has the backing of a proven track record, the better. It will save you time and staying on pricing, you can negotiate a great price and enjoy a reasonable discount.

The Installation Process – Are You Getting What You Paid For?

What goes into the installation process is very crucial to the quality and longevity of the final work. Unfortunately, some companies have made it common business practice to cut corners when it comes to doing artificial grass installations, and all to the disappointment of the client. Missing or messing on any of the steps can ruin the entire installation and end up costing more. You should partner with a company that has a proven track record in its competency to carry out perfect installations and is very keen on detail.

Perth Artificial Grass strives to not only supply the best quality of artificial grass available in the market, but we also bring to every installation job top-quality workmanship. We spare no resource and put our best people to work to ensure that you get a professionally done installation job every time.

While every job is different, as dictated by several factor, the artificial grass installation process typically involves the following main steps.

  • Levelling and compacting a thick metal dust base of 70-100mm to ensure that the ground stays level and that weeds find it difficult to grow through the grass.
  • In addition to the first metal dust base, an additional  30 – 65mm thick metal dust base or road base in installed in areas where vehicles may park.
  • The synthetic turf is cut carefully and precision, and fitted around paved areas and other surroundings. The different pieces are then joined carefully with commercial grade tools and equipment for a seamless finish.
  • To ensure the turf holds firmly in place all around, special pins and where necessary, concrete nails, are used to pin the grass along the edges and where the pieces join at an interval of every 30cm
  • Adding an infill of a thick layer of silica sand to make the surface more even, and protect the newly laid synthetic turf from wear and tear.  The infill is added at a rate of 15-20 Kg/M2.

The best quality of work may not come cheap, but it is without doubt, better to spend a little more to get an expert installation than part with a lot less for a shoddy job that will not stand the test of time.  Even as you look out for the best quotes around Perth, it is important to carefully critique the professional qualifications and experience of the company. To give you some confidence about getting your money’s worth, have the company walk you through some of the work that they have previously done for other clients.

Business Overheads and Warranties

Every business has overhead costs, the scale of which depends on several factors, and artificial grass companies are no exception.  From big spendings on advertising, to rent on shop fronts and showrooms across different locations as well as the cost that comes with engaging subcontractors, bigger companies generally incur higher overhead costs, compared to small and medium-scale companies. To offset these costs and still maintain a significant profit margin, the burden is borne by the end customer. For this reason, bigger may not always be the better choice when it comes to finding a good price for artificial grass.

On the flip side, you also have to be keen because with the increasing popularity of artificial grass, so many companies have cropped up that may leave you in a complete mess. We call them the “backyard operators”. Armed with just a business name, and operating from a Ute or a Van, these companies offer much lower rates, on account of the very minimal overhead costs. Unfortunately, you may find yourself on the wrong side of things when doing follow-ups and making claims on warranty.

On warranties, you are safer dealing with an established business that has years in the industry. Most of these unscrupulous companies that just pop up overnight, vanish just as fast and the reality is that you can only make use of a warranty from a company that’s still in business. A company that has been business a long time can offer you a more reliable and solid warranty. You can easily check against the Australian Business Register to see how long the artificial grass company you are considering has been in business.

At Perth Artificial Grass, we try to keep our operations relatively lean, which helps save on hefty business overheads.  We do not subcontract our projects and have an in-house team of qualified artificial grass installers. 

Our quality products and workmanship ensure longevity of all our artificial grass installation. Our product and service is backed by excellent warranties that you can rely on at any time.

As a guide for Perth businesses and homeowners, the price for Artificial Grass supplied and installed range between $94 to $120 per sqm depending on the type and quality of the product.

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Often times, the difference between those artificial grass lawns that look so fake and are a complete eyesore and the immaculate and pristine lawns is in a few hundred dollars. Don’t be counted among the victims.

With such a large pool of companies to choose from, it can get quite overwhelming. If you are looking for the highest quality of grass and professional installation service, all at a reasonable and competitive price, then Perth Artificial Grass is the company for you.

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