No doubt, about it, artificial grass is such a versatile product. When synthetic turf first came into the market, its primary application was in stadiums and sporting arenas. Soon it found its way to the backyard, making for beautiful and lush lawns.

Today, there are so many applications for artificial grass. People continue to explore new ways to use synthetic turf, with one of the recently most popular applications being using the turf on balconies and roof terraces.

Installing the Turf

Balconies and roof terraces may not be as big as your lawn, which is why you can be sure that the installation will not take as long. For an average-sized balcony, the installation should take no more than a few hours. Choose a professional installation company with an expertly skilled and experienced team, and you don’t have to worry about any delays with your project completion.

Again, much of the preparation that goes into lawn installation does not apply for balconies and roof terraces. There is no natural grass to cut out, and no earth to level out.  Not having to do ground work makes installation of artificial grass on balconies and roof terraces quite easy. The installers will cut out the turf in the right sizes, and secure it to the surface with joining tape or glue.

Best Picks for Balconies and Roof Terraces

As with other applications, the primary consideration when choosing the right type of grass to have installed on your balcony or roof terrace is the expected usage.

If you have kids and pets who’ll be playing around on the balcony, then go for turf with a softer texture.  Your kids will love it and they can play as much as they’d like even when barefoot.

You also want to consider the footfall expected. If you expect your rooftop terrace or balcony to be in use all the time, then think of turf with a shorter pile length. 

Go for what matches best your balcony or roof terrace design.  You can never go wrong with asking for recommendations from the experts. Professional artificial grass supply companies will be happy to guide you on choosing the best choice of synthetic turf for your spaces, and provide you with samples for better comparison.

Furniture on your Fake Grass

There is no reason why you should not put some furniture on your balcony and rooftop terrace after installing artificial grass.  Add some furniture pieces there and you can transform that space into exactly what you would like.

Bring out the sun loungers and enjoy getting sun baked on a lazy late Sunday morning. You can all set up a dining area, with as many places as you’d need for your family without worrying about whether or not the synthetic turf can withstand the weight.

Taking Care of Your Turf

You want the synthetic turf on your roof terrace and balcony looking as good as new for years to come. The good news is that taking care of this turf is not too tasking and involves doing pretty much what you would for your artificial grass lawn.

If your spaces get a lot of footfall, then the blades may start to mat and flatten after a while. Give them a good brush every now and then to help the blades stay upright.

Use a brush every so often if your notice some dust or dirt on your turf. You can hose it down or use a mild detergent for that good clean. You will want to wash your turf more often if you have pets that urinate on the artificial grass. Use a deodorizer to help get rid of the pet odors and keep your turf smelling so clean and fresh. 

With proper care and maintenance, you’ll have years before you may have to think about replacing the synthetic turf on your rooftop terrace and balcony.

Cost Consideration

Certain variables come to play when determining the cost of installing artificial grass on terraces and balconies. The type and quality of the synthetic grass you choose, is, of course, a primary factor to consider. The size of your balcony or terrace also matters on the installation cost. Installers will also factor in the ease of getting to the terrace or balcony on which you’re having your synthetic turf installed.

Final Thoughts

Bring your balcony and rooftop terrace to life with synthetic grass. It looks great, and is a worthy investment that you can look forward to enjoying for a long time. 

Get in touch with Perth Artificial Grass and get the right synthetic turf for your balcony and terrace as well as professional installation services.