With so many real benefits to using artificial grass, it has become increasingly popular in different quarters. Artificial grass has proven quite revolutionary and its versatility has seen it being used for various applications. Check out our Artificial Grass Gallery.

With each new dawn, homeowners and businesses alike are finding new and creatively unique ways to use synthetic grass. Some of the many uses to which artificial grass is being put today are as follows

Commercial and residential landscaping

Decorative landscaping is one of the most traditional uses of synthetic grass. Artificial lawns lend your residence that vibrant and luxuriant lush appearance all year round.

You can further brighten your outdoors with artificial grass on the rooftop, patio and deck. With a fake grass cover that will remain looking so pristine for a long time, you and the guests can venture to the rooftop or patio to unwind and relax as your naked feet get lost in the warmth and softness of the grass.

Sports fields

Artificial grass provides a low-maintenance surface with increased playability throughout all seasons for sporting fields. So, whether it is a school playground or a world renowned stadium hosting the most elite teams, you can enjoy a great game of soccer or hockey on a synthetic turf pitch.

Shock absorbency from underlying padding ensures that injuries during playtime are not nearly as common or devastating as with natural grass fields.

Putting greens

Artificial grass is great for community and professional golf courses. Lush green cover stretching for miles away on a perfectly manicured course is simply breath-taking.

Artificial grass flooring

It may be time to replace that dull carpet in your home or office with some fake grass flooring. The synthetic grass is not only soft on your feet, but it does not require nearly as much time and effort in cleaning and maintenance. Artificial grass can also withstand heavy foot traffic better than traditional carpeting.

Interior Décor

Ingenious designers are finding new ways to incorporate fake grass products into creative interior décor. Artificial grass on the walls, shelves, sofa coverings and furnishings will transform a plain-looking space into a vibrant and inviting area that even guests will enjoy.

Artificial grass for brand exposure

Savvy businesses are always looking for effective marketing tools that will bring in more clients. You can use artificial grass at your trade exhibitions and showrooms to showcase and strengthen your brand. A perfectly done logo of your company against the background of beautiful green artificial grass stands out and speaks to your target audience. You can never go wrong with using unreal grass for creating and strengthening brand awareness.

There is a premier range of artificial grass in the market today and you can choose from this wide selection a product that best suits your intended application.