Artificial turf has gone through so much advanced development that it rivals the look of real turf. You hardly notice the differences in texture and colour from afar. Aside from the nearly authentic look, the appeal of artificial grass is largely attributed to its maintenance-free use. And in that regard, the artificial version tends to have the upper hand over the real one.

But you can still get more use out of your artificial grass. Perth artificial turf installers recommend having a definite idea for design and function to maximise the benefits of this innovative home feature.

Here are some fun and fresh ideas you could apply to your own home.

Stick to two-tone colour schemes for smaller spaces.

For smaller patios or balconies, your artificial grass has the potential to create a bigger space. But that’s only if you use two-tone colour palettes, which not only creates more room but also greater impact. Try putting in chair furniture and adding white flowers for visual appeal.

Use your outdoor area for al fresco dining.

If you have a spacious rooftop deck, turn it into a dining area. It doesn’t need to serve special occasions, either. With the right artificial turf installed professionally, your rooftop deck could turn into a great breakfast area or a fun Friday dinner with the family.

Consider an eye-catching pattern with your edging.

Edging your artificial grass can turn into a creative exercise—with great results. As long as you hire expert installers, you can try out a pattern with the fake turf’s edging. Forget straight and boring edges. And here’s the best part about this idea: You don’t need to cut and trim as you would with natural grass because the edging stays the same.

Give the kids an outdoor play space.

When you live in a high-rise apartment, going down and out to the park can interrupt a hectic day. You can’t exactly keep telling the kids to stay indoors because then they just play videogames or watch TV. 

But having a backyard doesn’t exactly make you feel confident about the safety of your kids when they play outdoors. Natural grass can lead to injuries when kids run around or play too rough.

If you have a kid-safe balcony and you want something safer for your backyard, install artificial turf. It will look modern and sleek in your high-rise apartment and it will keep playtime safe in your backyard.