When homeowners consider having a front or back yard set up in their property, it’s often for the purpose of enhancing the house’s appearance or increasing its value in the event that it gets put up for sale in the future. They will typically want to add highly popular and well-loved features—a lush lawn, well-tended shrubs, brilliantly blooming annuals and perennials, and stately trees.

Keeping furry friends in mind

For pet owners, however, a good lawn or garden doesn’t just serve as an aesthetic asset; it’s also a place for their precious pet dogs or cats to thrive in. And in this regard, these homeowners won’t always resort to conventional setups for their lawns and yards.

Case in point: Instead of having real grass laid down on their lawns, many pet owners prefer to get specialists to install artificial grass—and their pets’ presence has much to do with this important decision.

Curious to discover why pets make a great match for synthetic turf? Perth lawn experts share the following key considerations:

Your pet will never be able to destroy your pretty lawn. Artificial turf will look just a vibrant as real turf, but it comes with a special bonus: There is no way for your dog or cat to damage it. Dogs that love to dig won’t be able to turn up clumps of earth and grass. When cats or dogs do their business on artificial turf, cleanup is a breeze—the solid waste can be easily removed and a good hosing and some simple scrubbing with a cleaning solution can get the turf back to its great stain- and odour-free condition.

Dogs and cats won’t be leaving muddy paw prints all over your pristine carpet. A wet lawn is always a problem for pet owners because their dogs and cats, more often than not, will find their way into the mud and then proceed to walk into the house, leaving dirt and muddy tracks all over. But if there’s no earth, there’s no mud—and your carpets will remain clean.

Your beloved pets won’t be exposed to harmful fertilisers or pesticides. Homeowners know that a lush green lawn will often require treatment with the right fertilisers to boost the health of grass and pesticides to get rid of pesky insects. These chemicals, however, can pose health risks for pets. When you opt for synthetic turf, you eliminate the need for these chemicals.

There’ll be happiness all around when your pets enjoy playing on artificial turf. Pets won’t be able to tell the difference between real and artificial turf—they’ll love to run around and lie on the latter just as much. And there won’t be times when pets will need to be kept off the lawn due to mowing schedules, treatment cycles, rains that create mud, or an unfortunate dry spell that leaves hard-packed earth that’s unpleasant to walk around in.