More people are choosing artificial grass over natural grass and concrete around their outdoor swimming pools. There are so many benefits that come with such an installation, which is what has driven the increasing popularity of synthetic lawns as the perfect pool surround.

Slip-proof surface

Wet real grass and concrete are naturally very slippery. The superior self-drainage properties of fake grass, coupled with the fact that it dries much faster under the sun compared to natural grass ensures that you have a consistently slip-proof surface and need not worry about splashing water around as you enjoy a dip in the pool.

In case of a slip accident, a synthetic lawn around the pool also provides a softer landing surface, which can be made even softer with a layer of padding underneath the surface of the synthetic turf.

With these considerations, a synthetic lawn is the perfect choice to ensure safety, especially where you have kids running around and playing by the poolside.

20160323_171108Hello fake grass and goodbye mud

With a natural grass cover, you can expect a muddy mess around the yard if the water splashes onto the grass. Kids and pets will readily help spread the mess into the house, leaving you with a lot of work to do in cleaning the place. With a synthetic lawn around your pool you can say goodbye to these annoying muddy streaks as well as getting dirty after getting out of the pool.

Less time spent on cleaning the pool

Natural grass requires regular trimming and mowing. Grass clippings from these routine maintenance activities may end up in the pool which will require you to spend more time in cleaning out the pool. A synthetic lawn requires no mowing and you can happily avoid wasting the time and effort that goes into the hassle of scooping and filtering out the clippings.

All-year round aesthetics

When pool water that is chlorinated and laced with other water treatment chemicals is splashed on natural grass, the aftermath can be quite devastating. The grass may be weakened, or die, leaving behind ugly brown patches around the lawn. Factor in also the amount of foot traffic you can expect around your pool, especially during those hot summer afternoons and what you are left with is an unsightly poolside. An artificial lawn leaves you with a lush and attractive poolside through every season.

Less maintenance

You may probably have some seats and loungers around your pool where you can enjoy the sun and get a natural tan after a refreshing swim. These loungers often cause damage and dis-colouration to natural grass, calling for regular maintenance. On the other hand, artificial lawns are damage-proof in this regard and you can enjoy the pool area without worrying too much about maintenance.

Our team at Artificial Grass Perth will install the perfect synthetic lawn for your pool area, leaving you to enjoy all the poolside fun. Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation estimate for your poolside from Perth’s most trusted artificial grass experts.