If your residential property has sufficient space to build a lawn or garden, or if your business depends on being able to provide a grassy area for your customers to use, your first logical thought would most likely be to hire traditional landscape specialists to put in that lush green grass that everybody loves.

Why wouldn’t it be? Anyone would enjoy the look of the vibrant green grass, all neatly trimmed and shaped to fit a specific space, as well as the soft feel under one’s feet. But perhaps it’s because you haven’t considered before that an alternative to real, living grass exists.

That solution would be artificial grass.

You may be surprised at how a synthetic version of the much-loved green stuff can actually help you discover a number of advantages for your home life or business requirements. Here are six benefits of artificial grass that can change the way you live and work:

  1. You won’t have to water synthetic grass. Because it’s made of plastic, there is no need to maintain a regular schedule for watering your lawn in order for it to grow and stay green.
  1. You won’t have to do the usual yard work needed for caring for grass. Mowing is one of the major lawn care tasks that homeowners and property managers need to be mindful of; left to its own devices, grass can become long and raggedy in some places and short and tangled in others, which is never an attractive look for any lawn — and especially not for public spaces like golf courses or parks. Artificial turf, however, does not grow, so taking the lawnmower out (or hiring someone to do it) will no longer be part of your to-do list. Likewise, you will only need to pull the occasional weed that sprouts up in the middle of your artificial turf.
  1. Handling fertilisers and pesticides will be a thing of the past. Most homeowners admit to disliking the task of administering toxic chemicals like fertilisers and pesticides to their green just to keep it healthy and free from pests. With synthetic grass, none of these chemicals will need to be used in your property again.
  1. The grass will look great for a long time. The durable material used in making synthetic turf ensures that it will withstand various weather conditions and different levels of foot traffic, staying green the whole time.
  1. Your kids and pets will love the turf. You no longer need to worry about your kids and pets rolling over the grass and picking up or spreading all kinds of dirt and contaminants, since you can easily clean the turf with a good hosing down and know that there are no harmful chemicals, organisms or substances in it.