Synthetic grass was initially introduced in 1966 when it was used for the Houston Astrodome. Soon after, artificial grass wound its way into residential and commercial properties in various countries around the globe.

For synthetic grass suppliers in Perth, this did not come as a surprise, knowing fully well the diverse and numerous benefits offered by their products. And with the various improvements on the current crop of fake grass available for residential and commercial properties, this number of benefits has grown, both in terms of aesthetic and practical benefits.

If you have read about the advantages that come from using fake grass, you might have a few questions still lingering on your mind, including whether synthetic grass is a viable option for your needs. Here are a few answers to the questions you might be asking.

What are the materials used in making fake grass?

Synthetic grass is made from polymers or plastics, infill (sand), and rubber. Initially, the product was developed as alternative for growing natural grass which was difficult to do in athletic fields.

The price of artificial turf is often determined by the quality and the number of yarns or grassblades per inch.

How is artificial grass installed?

Fake grass is rolled out and stretched atop a base, in the same way that carpets are installed. Professional installers will often use a variety of products including bender boards, drainage tiles, staples and spikes.

Before installation begins, the professionals will often create a base made out of decomposed tiles as well as a weed barrier. After that, the fake turf is laid out, fitted and then affixed into place, with the installers making sure that the seams are hidden. The job is finished after the infill has been applied.

How much does fake grass cost?

If you have avoided having artificial turf installed on your property because you think that its price is prohibitive, you have thought wrong. Fake grass is not as expensive as you think and you will surely find numerous options to choose from which will fit your budget. On top of that, you can get good returns on your initial investment as you end up saving more money from reduced water and lawn care costs.

Where are the best places to install fake turf?

Although fake grass can be installed practically anywhere, you might wish to install it in areas that have a difficult time supporting the growth of natural grass. These include locations which have too much shade or soil that is too acidic.