Natural ForestGrass can be a pain. Sure. It looks nice on your yard and it might even feel good under your feet, if you had the best kind planted. But when you get right dNatural Forrest Artificial Grassown to it, natural grass needs maintenance that you might not be able to perform, or even afford.This is one of the reasons why fake turf is gaining popularity. Fake turf not only keeps the maintenance to a minimum and saves you money. The best quality artificial grass, Perth residents now know, also look equally good as the real thing. To help you weed out the bad from the good, apply these five easy ways to choose good quality artificial grass.

Ask for samples from your provider.
Samples can be given for free so you need not spend money. The provider can send it to you through post or you can drop in on the store and ask to take home some. A sample takes you to the second step.

Good quality fake grass has a soft and non-abrasive texture.
In the past, fake grass used to feel — well, fake. Nowadays, thanks in large part to technology and more discerning consumers, artificial turf should feel nice. But texture may differ with the price. A mid-range artificial turf will feel softer than economy fake turf.

High quality artificial turf should have proper construction.
The artificial turf should feature holed latex backing for drainage. It should come with sand, rubber, or superior non-infill surface. While optional, it may be a good idea to go with artificial grass that has padded underlay.

Padded underlay is suitable for gardens with uneven surface or that have poor sub-base. Artificial grass with padded underlay can provide comfort, stability, and safety but without the need for extensive work on your garden.

High quality fake turf looks real.
Artificial grass can come in single or multi-tone colours. It will also come in different pile heights as well as density — just like natural grass. So when you find yourself looking at artificial turf, wondering if it really is fake, then you’ve got good quality artificial grass on your hands.

The artificial turf is classified according to its use.
Lastly, artificial grass comes in different varieties and each one will be designed for specific needs. Some will be for field sports and others will be for residential lawns. Some artificial grass may even be suitable for families with pets.