A lot of dog owners treat their furry little pals not as pets, but more often than not, as beloved members of the household. But as any seasoned dog owner will tell you, dogs can be quite a handful.

The fact is, many behavioural issues among dogs can be attributed to the lack of physical activity. Problems like dominance, aggressiveness and destructive behaviour can be traced back to the lack of physical activity. In short, Fido’s incessant barking or shoe chewing may be caused by being constantly holed up inside the house.

Dog behaviour experts advise pet owners to set aside ample time for walking and playing with their pets. These activities can exhaust the pent-up energy of dogs which, when left as it is, can lead to bad doggie behaviour. Walking and playing can also stimulate the dog’s mind, thus keeping common woes at bay.

Now, if you are a pet owner who is keen on buying artificial grass, one question that has probably cropped up in your mind is whether such a material would be a good investment, not only for you, but also for the four-legged members of your household. An artificial grass supplier provides some insight on this matter.

Based on the experience of several pet owners, dogs do love running and frolicking on spaces where fake grass has been installed.

Fake grass offers the advantage of being useful practically year-round, even during summer when natural grass succumbs to drought and the heat. During the rainy season, you are assured that your dog will have a clean and comfortable space to play. Lawns with natural grass, on the other hand, have a tendency to be soggy and muddy after heavy rains, making them a poor choice for outdoor play with Fido. The presence of mud can only compound your woes as you have to clean up your dog and the trail of mess he has left behind.

Artificial turf is permeable. This simply means that urine can easily pass through the surface while poop can be easily scooped up. Fake grass can easily withstand your pet’s number one and two.

With fake grass, you are assured that your lawn looks good all year round as it can withstand Fido’s digging behaviour. Neither do you have to contend with bad odour or worry about the safety of your kids and your pets.

Is fake grass dog-friendly? The answer is a resounding yes.