After reading up on the benefits of artificial turf, you may have probably made up your mind that this will be perfect for your property as well as your needs. But before actually heading out to purchase artificial turf, it is worthwhile to consider a few key factors which will allow you to make an informed purchasing decision. A synthetic grass company outlines these important factors.

A lot of buyers of synthetic grass make the crucial mistake of basing their decisions on the price of the options available in the market. While this factor is important, it should not be used as the main deciding factor. Instead, homeowners should carefully scrutinise the quality of the options available to them.
Remember, fake grass is an investment for your property. And as with any investment, the focus should be on ROI. But how do you actually assess the quality of fake grass options available? The simplest way to do that is to request samples from various suppliers. This will give you a better perspective when choosing among the offerings of different suppliers.

Amount of traffic
Another important factor to consider is the amount of traffic in the area where the fake turf will be installed. Simply put, you’ll need to match the quality of the artificial grass to the volume of traffic. Take note that high-traffic areas require artificial turf with great durability. However, the tradeoff of high durability is comfort.

Weather and outdoor conditions
If there is a small number of trees on your property, you can practically skip this factor. However, if there are numerous sources of debris in the area where the fake grass will be installed, you have to account for the amount of care and maintenance you may have to put in, in order to keep your artificial turf looking good. Before deciding which fake grass to purchase, enquire about the maintenance involved.

Size of the area where the fake grass will be installed
The size of the area where the fake turf will be installed should be considered, especially if the area to be covered is large. Simply put, the larger the area, the greater the time, effort or even money you may have to allocate toward maintenance. For larger areas, it is imperative to select artificial grass which does not require extensive care and maintenance. Reserve the higher quality fake turf for smaller areas on your property.