Practically every homeowner dreams of having a well-manicured lawn. However, not everyone can allocate the time, effort and even money toward maintaining one. If you long for a magazine cover-worthy front yard but cannot deal with the hassles associated with maintaining turf, your best option would be artificial grass.

Fake grass, Perth homeowners should know, offers several advantages over its natural counterpart. With artificial turf, tasks like watering, mowing, application of fertilisers and pesticides are eliminated. On top of these, fake grass is durable and does not succumb to temperature extremes and heavy foot traffic. It is ideal for families with young children and pets.

Here at Metro Synthetic Turf, we offer homeowners five choices when it comes to artificial grass: Natural Forrest, Winter Green, Midwest Cool, W Series Summer and Buffalo Stem. How do you choose the best one for your property? Here are a few important factors to consider when choosing artificial turf.

One of the biggest mistakes property owners make when choosing turf is to base their decision solely on price. Although price is an important factor to consider when buying anything, there are several other important things that need to be accounted for when buying artificial grass.

One of these important factors is quality. Just like buying a car or a home, buying artificial grass can be considered a major investment. And like other investments, the matter should be given careful thought. Instead of opting for the cheapest turf that you can find, ask a supplier for samples of the turf they have available and carefully inspect these for their quality. Once you have made a choice based on quality, you can now move on to finding the cheapest that you can find.

Although fake turf, broadly speaking, is durable to traffic, some types of turf are designed for low foot traffic. If you put this type of fake grass on an area with heavy foot traffic, you may have to replace it quickly.

Although fake turf does not require watering and mowing, it does need to be cleaned and maintained periodically. As such, the location where it is going to be placed should also be considered. If the area the turf will be installed on is susceptible to a heavy amount of debris, be prepared to allocate time for cleaning your turf.

Finally, consider the area of your front lawn or backyard. The size of the location where the turf will be installed will have a direct impact on the cost of maintaining it.