There’s no question about it: The presence of lush, healthy grass can liven up any space, filling it with a refreshingly cool green colour and an inviting texture. It’s not surprising why people always flock to commercial and recreational establishments as well as public spaces that are beautifully landscaped, since the presence of grass and foliage can always help them feel calm, serene, energised, cheerful, or optimistic — nothing but positive sensations.

But while real healthy grass is always a wonder to behold, homeowners and property managers also know very well that it can be challenging — not to mention costly — to care for it. To keep a lawn or a landscaped patch of green space thriving, regular watering, fertilising, trimming, and pest control should be in place, and that involves a hefty investment in terms of time, money and effort.

Truly the next best thing

As such, many have turned to artificial grass as a great alternative to the real thing for their personal and public spaces. Synthetic turf, Perth providers will tell you, is a worthy and versatile substitute for real grass; it is made with safe, durable and UV-stabilised material that effectively recreates the look and feel of real grass and is able to endure high traffic and different weather conditions. And it stays green all year long, without all the watering, mowing and fertilising.

Curious about how artificial turf can transform a wide range of spaces? Metro Synthetic Turf shares these examples of locations that stand to benefit more from this now-popular landscaping alternative:

Golf greens. Finding it hard to picture the sprawling expanse of green in a golf course made with artificial grass? You may be surprised to find that many golfing experts are enthusiastic about the development of artificial turf that would specifically fit the requirements of the game. Early versions have been found to have as much as a 90 to 95 percent similarity with ordinary grass, and they perform the same as a normal golfing green. Players can even practise their game indoors or outdoors, in locations with water shortages, and in driving ranges with lowered green fees, thanks to the evergreen spaces created using artificial turf.

Sports fields. Different sports will have different grass requirements for their respective fields, and synthetic grass is proving to work well in such functions. Softer synthetic grass offers a low impact surface to prevent injury and skin abrasions in rugby and football players (shock pads can be placed under the turf layer to provide cushioning). For hockey players, irrigation is used to cool the turf surface and reduce the effects of friction for players who slide or fall over the turf surface.

There are also third generation or 3G pitches that feature grass with a more realistic feel, that responds well to interactions with balls, and enables athletes to play all year long. And depending on the sport, the use of sand infill, rubber infill or non-infill systems helps stabilise the artificial turf fibres and causes the ball to move realistically over the turf.

Playgrounds. Children love to run and play over grassy areas of playgrounds, but natural grass can trigger allergies or conceal little stones and materials that could cause tripping hazards and minor injuries if they fall. With well-maintained artificial turf, kids can play in a clean and safe patch of green no matter the season.

Patios and decks. Most homeowners in Australia live for the weekend barbecue and swimming parties they regularly throw for friends and family, and they value their well-landscaped backyards and lawns as excellent spaces for entertaining. But as mentioned before, caring for natural grass can be costly, time-consuming and back-breaking work. Using synthetic grass frees them from maintenance worries, helps the household save water, and helps them achieve the look they want for their party space.

Pet areas. Dogs enjoy their romps over fresh grass, but you won’t have to worry about your dog digging up the yard and sending clumps of soil and grass flying everywhere anymore. Artificial grass is sturdy and safe for your pet’s paws — and if your pooch should do his business in a corner, you can easily hose off the area and clean it with a mild detergent and it’ll be as good as new.